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Carpet ripples, carpet bubbles, carpet buckling, carpet wrinkles, it’s all the same thing – Loose carpet and 95% of the time because the carpet technically was not installed. You got cheated! It’s an unnecessary epidemic of lazy, dishonest, unqualified installers that the entity that you bought the carpet from subcontracted because they were the cheapest bidder.

The entity that you bought the carpet from knows full well that an improper install is going down. They know that the installer gives you a 1 year warranty and after that it’s all on you to get it fixed or installed correctly.

There are not very many professional carpet cleaning companies that come in and do an install inspection before they start. I know many a slip knot carpet cleaners that didn’t do this and ended up paying me to restretch the carpet all because they didn’t know what to look for. Loose carpet will wave or buckle after a cleaning.

Our problem is coming in for a clean and after an inspection telling you that you got a bad install and the carpet is loose. Now you think we are trying to upsell you like most carpet cleaners make up a low bait price just to get into your home. The problem us that we are an old scool carpet cleaning service that is trained to address all things carpet. No carpet should be cleaned until all defects are corrected! A repaired seam, transition repair, spot dye, carpet patch and re-stretch needs to be tested by our powerful truck mount extaction. Our repairs are guaranteed for the life of your carpet. I’ve sucked up many a Carpet patch, bad seams and carpet off tack strip or transition. Luckily we are prepared for anything to repair others work or damage.

Your carpet installer is required to do many things to ensure your carpet is installed correctly and be trouble free. It’s the norm to cut every corner because you don’t know and by the time it’s found out they have gotten paid and the install warranty has expired. By the time I get there it’a all on your dime for repairs! Now, I have very successfully pissed off most carpet distributors because I’ve had many customers get new carpet due to the wrong fiber they paid for, loose carpet, frayed seams, premature wear, wrong insd all and 2 different lot #’s used resulting in 2 different colors. The average carpet cleaner is just a basic janitor that sucks rug, unfortunately nothing more. Just ask him what fiber your carpet is and see what I’m talking about.

If you’ve just got a carpet install call me for a $50 inspection, or if you need new carpet ask for a credible installer, I’d be more than happy to help you.

EVERY carpet seam MUST be seam sealed before it is seamed to prevent unraveling and obvious seams. This is rarely done anymore and is why I have to constantly reseam carpets.

Next, every carpet must be powerstretched in not knee kicked. Here is a power stretcher:

It stretches off the adjacent wall. The knee kicker is just an assist tool and should NEVER be used to stretch carpet. Here is a knee kicker:

 Your installer relies on you not knowing this so that they can get in and get out to make up as the lowest bidding subcontractor.

Our standard charge is $150 a room to re-stretch so make sure that your installer is useing a power stretcher. Also consider an independent carpet install inspection. Yesterday we had to restretch 3 rooms of severely loose carpet. When we pulled it off tack every seam fell apart due to improper melting of seam tape and if that wasn’t enough the entire room of 150 sq ft had 4 sections a carpet scrap instead of just 2 sections.

We are the greatest country on earth because we have great standards, when we made things they were the best, sure, China has indoctrinated a generation with cheap throw away product but we still have American craftsmen. It may seem in San Diego that is not true but there are still many of us out there.


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