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Carpet re-stretching San Diego is 98% of the time carpet stretching. Carpet restretching implies stretching carpet that was originally power stretched during the install as required by CRI 105 and the manufacturer of the carpet. 90% of the time a new carpet is never power stretched but knee kicked in. This is the wrong way:Knee kicker

This is the right way, unfortunately this is having to do what the installer did not do which created all the ripples:

Carpet restretching san diego

Install standards  REQUIRE Power Stretching, it is not an option. Carpet installers today are almost always the lowest winning bidder sub-contractor who can’t afford to do it right. They ( the one who sold you the carpet & the sub-contractor) rely on you not knowing this. This by the way VOIDS your 25 year carpet manufacturer warranty.

Every once in awhile we get a carpet that actually needs a little restretching. The carpet was originally power stretched but is 20 years old and has loosened just a little, but that is rare. Typical carpet re-stretches are because for some reason the carpet was pulled off a wall to run cable, maybe construction, a new floor to carpet transition or simply pulled back due to a little flooding. The majority of work I see are for stretching carpet that never was actually stretched in.

If we are coming over to clean your carpet and you have loose wrinkled carpet with buckles & ripples, it makes no sense to clean the wrinkles like most carpet cleaners will do. We’d prefer to stretch out those wrinkles then steam the creases out. A qualified professional carpet cleaner is always capable of doing this.

Let us know during the scheduling of your cleaning if you have loose carpet indicated by bumps, ripples and wrinkles so we can alot the extra time to stretch or restretch your carpet.

We are a Full service carpet care service. We can and will address not only loose carpet that needs stretching but also re-seaming, patches, color loss spots like bleach stains to spot dye or certain installs.Bleach spot repairCarpet repair san diego

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