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Loose carpet

Carpet bubbles, carpet wrinkles or carpet buckling are all due to loose carpet. Loose carpet 99% of the time is due to a lack of a proper install. As a carpet cleaning service this is why we have to provide a carpet restretching Chula Vista – Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning 619.990.3541.

Carpet Cleaning and Carpet stretching

Carpet re-stretching should be done with carpet cleaning. After a power stretch we not only test the integrity of our carpet repair but we can try to work out that crease of the stiff carpet backing that has kept due to memory. Cleaning loose carpet only makes that carpet worse. Many times a customer just wants us to clean a loose carpet in San Diego but we inform them that the buckles will increase and become much larger and usually relax in 24 hours. This is damaging to your carpet backing just like walking over those wrinkles or buckles. The primary and secondary backing consist of polyester mesh with a latex coating. This coating is essential to the integrity of the carpet and once it starts to break down it leaves a powder residue that many mistake for dirt and dust. Once the latex breaks down the carpet gets thinner and can actually tear in those areas. We have stretched many a carpet that has been left wrinkles and loose for years that cant be stretched due to backing delamination. This is why a new carpet is REQUIRED to be power stretched in and if it is not then it is considered damaged goods and must be replaced. The only problem is that the installer who did you wrong left you a 1 year install warranty and what are the odds a Carpet Cleaning service like us will inspect your carpet to find it loose and you calling us before that 1 year expires? They know this which is why they continue to install carpets incorrectly.

Power Stretching Carpet in San Diego

We use a variety of power stretchers depending on your situation to do the unnecessary carpet repairs had the installer used a power stretcher. Its really sad that the majority of carpets we come in to clean are loose and have to tell you that its going to cost to get it fixed when it should have been done right at the beginning. Most of the time since it is loose we can not use a rotary extractor since these push loose carpet around and rearrange the wrinkles.

If you have these ugly characteristics of an improper carpet install give us a call for your next San Diego carpet cleaning or a carpet stretching. We’d be happy to do it right for you. We are not one of those carpet cleaning only services of today but yesterdays carpet service that still can address all things carpet.

Getting those rooms stretched and flat again will make all the difference in the world! ')}

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