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Everyone usually has the signs of an incorrect carpet installation in San Diego. Unfortunately most carpet installs are lowest bidder subcontractors. It’s the way it is now almost everything is subcontracted in one way or another. When you shop for home services you get all these home service groups which are a hub for subcontractors who have to pay these entities a nice percentage. It’s the consumer who  really loses because that contractor got the job but a percentage is due and that comes right off the top of your quality work. In this case your carpet install was not done to standards because you the consumer don’t know the standards so the installer didn’t power stretch your carpet in instead they kicked it in.

After about a year, exactly as your install warranty expires you end up with wrinkles like above. We come into clean and have to power stretch your carpet before we clean it. Like below, notice the stretched carpet and slack we cut out:

The crease is still there which takes time to relax. We steam clean the carpet next to iron out those carpet creases like below:

We can help by re-stretching or if caught before the 1 year install warranty – help you with your claim.

Pets like to do damage at times especially when locked in a room. It’s an easy fix although it doesn’t look it. We certainly can help you with this.

We just find a donor piece and patch it in. It can come from the exact same carpet that you have kept for this occasion or we can use the closet as a donor.

Above is where a clients carpet seam was repaired by him but unsightl and unprofessional, no problem, we chopped it out and installed a new piece.

If you don’t have a spare piece of carpet we can find some in a closet to take from or remove an entire piece out of a closet and install another type or color piece in the closet for you.

Either way we can get things squared away for you and then clean it. We always prefer to stretch first so we can apply heat to the crease & iron it out after stretching it. The carpet should always be 100% dry before starting a repair anyway.

Carpet spot dye, seam repair, carpet stretching or patching can be done while in your home to clean the carpet

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