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When ever we do a San Diego carpet repair our goal is to get it to as close to perfect as possible. If you need bleach stain carpet repair and carpet cleaning then you’ve come to the right place.

Bleach stains happen but some carpet colors are almost if not impossible to match. Our goal is to take your eye off the damaged area by spot dye. Once we have made all attempts to color match and that does not work out then it’s time to cut & patch.

Bleach Stains

Not always are they chlorine bleach but other miscellaneous chemicals that were used as carpet spotters and even pet urine. Any of those residues left in the carpet can break down the dyes..

Even dry carpet cleaning in San Diego can damage the eyes in your carpet. The chemicals that they use to apply to the carpet and then just do a buffing job with a floor buffer will leave that residue along with most of the contaminates that you wanted cleaned and removed. The chemical residue lies dormant to break down the eyes, very simple. Even truck mounted steam cleaners that inject chemicals into the cleaning water do the same thing. This is the #1 reason we only clean with 100% water, no acids, no lye, no phosphates! Miracle Services is 100% organic green.

Bleach Stain Carpet Repair

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