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We are not one of those 1-800 numbers out of state that subs (sells) your job to a local contractor. We are carpet repair San Diego by Miracle Services. Your money stays in San Diego’s economy. Best is that you won’t get a contractor only getting half of the total but is motivated to upsell to make up profit. That is the shady side of all services todays. Always support your local contractors and avoid the problems of subcontractors.


Miracle Services cleans carpet and repairs it

Carpet repair san diego

Carpet patch san diegoCarpet stretching san diego

As a professional carpet cleaning service in San Diego we come prepared for the typical carpet repair needs from carpet bleach spot dye repair, carpet pet damage where a carpet patch service is needed, carpet burn repair, carpet snag repair, and carpet stretching. Unlike the majority of carpet cleaners we won’t clean over a needed repair unless you want us to but we’re prepared to repair your carpet before we clean it.

Carpet stretching is common since subcontracted installers did not perform the required power stretching. Yes, your carpet retailer subcontracted to the lowest bidder, got his cut and now you need it stretched. This should not be! Always go local directly to your local service contractor and insist on no subcontractors.

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