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Everyone needs some sort of carpet repair, whether it is a small tear, a bleach spot, a burn, pet damage or a carpet stretching due to a poor install. We can help you with that. Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Repair Kensington San Diego provides it all.

The unfortunate thing about San Diego is that a large majority of sub-contracted carpet installers are from south of our border. Our absolute carpet standards and requirements get ignored. Carpet installing is a very labor intensive job and to get paid what it’s worth to do it right won’t happen in San Diego. Carpet outlets normally send out invitations to bid and or keep the Cheapest installers as their sub-contractor. Most of these sub-contractors are not even certified.

The problem with the sub-contracted installer is that they usually do not power stretch carpet and they do not seam seal carpet during the install. This is all absolutely required and without doing so, technically your carpet was not installed and considered damaged goods. This is why we provide more carpet power stretching of damaged carpets more than anything.

Carpet repair kensington

Many assume it’s not a problem because the carpet looks flat after it’s installed. Now, just wait a year and welcome the wrinkles and buckling. During every carpet cleaning we conduct a pre-inspection for damage. Frayed seams indicate no seam seal and if the carpet doesnt snap then it is loose and was not power stretched. At this point, our write up can help you with a claim. We have many outlets who hate our guys due to claims where they had to come out, replace the carpet and worse: find a qualified installer to install it to standard and have to pay for it.

We can also re-stretch your carpet for you also. We can also help you with all the other carpet repair Kensington needs or in San Diego.

As a green carpet cleaning San Diego service we provide pure non-toxic and true eco friendly carpet cleaning. We have been well known for this since 1994. Our Miracle organic cleaner is residue-free, contains no phosphates or phosphoric acids like other claimed green cleaning products. No, we don’t use water converted into sodium hydroxide (lye) like that franchise that claim they dont leave a residue.

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