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Most carpets we come in to clean usually need some type of repair. This is why we provide Carpet Repair Coronado for Carpet Stretching or Patching. Typically we find carpets obviously loose or we find pet damage. Not to worry since Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning normally provides the repairs during the cleaning service.

Carpet Stretching

When the carpet is loose you will get these wrinkles, bubbles or buckling. The biggest reason for these are carpet installers that cut corners and use a knee kicker to install your carpet rather than the required Power Stretcher like we use below:

Today many like to make money off of other contractors. You may find a carpet cleaning service or a carpet repair service on the internet but they maybe a subcontracting entity that sells the job to your local contractor for half of what you are paying. It doesnt take common sense to understand human behavior but all motivation for quality leaves the room. Most carpet retailers sub to the lowest bidder installers. The installer has to cut corners and a lot of them to make any profit. Then they give you a year install warranty. Now, you have no idea what to look for. Your carpet must be cleaned within 18 months to keep your 25 year carpet warranty in force. Most call before that to protect the warranty and most carpet cleaners are clueless to inspect your carpet or know what to look for. Part of our program is to protect you and inspect your carpet but you usually don’t call me until after the install warranty has expired. How convenient of the installers right? They know that it will take about a year to see the effects of a loose carpet. I always recommend to my clients and customers to call me during an install or right after. I will provide you that independent inspection. I have got multiple people new carpet due to improper installs. If your carpet is not Power Stretched it is considered to be Damaged Goods and MUST be replaced. It is also voids your 25 year carpet warranty. Now, many just gaff it off and don’t care until I come in and point it out or they call me specifically to stretch it. Then when they find out how much they get all upset at me like I’m at fault. Get it inspected after or during the install!

Look at how much excess we trimmed off one wall:

Carpet Patch

We all love our pets and sometimes they do things to our carpets. Many times you lock them in a room and they will try to dig themselves out or when you go to work they will try to dig under the front door

We can help, it’s not that bad, we do it all the time. It may not match right away by putting an extra piece you have or a piece from the closet but it will in time.

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