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If you are looking for carpet repair and stretching with carpet cleaning then you found it.carpet repair & carpet stretching

Loose carpet in San Diego abounds in plenty. This is why we provide carpet repair & carpet stretching  while carpet cleaning. Carpet installs and any other floor covering is installed by the lowest bidder subcontractor for the most part. When you have a budget for an install you cut corners. This is why I recommend buying from a company that has there own installers, it’s about accountability.

The majority of carpets we come in to clean are found loose due to sub standard and improper installation. Your 1st sign is that bubble that runs along the baseboards or a wrinkle that gets bigger and bigger. A loose carpet acts up during temp. changes – cool sub-floor in the summer and a hot room. It also acts up if it’s loose and it gets cleaned.

San diego carpet stretch repairs

This is what happens if the installer cheats you and does not use the required power stretcher.

Sliding furniture over loose carpet is absolute no no! You will be rearranging wrinkles and bubbles.

When we come in to stretch we come prepared to steam clean it after. This is why hiring a carpet cleaner that can carpet repair & carpet stretching is important.

We like to steam out those creases the wrinkles leave after stretching them out. This helps soften up the latex backing that has been bent and has memory. Sometimes those years of wrinkles after stretching will take a few months to settle but they will be flat. If you keep your loosr carpet wrinkles around for years they also wear everytime you walk over them. These can leave a permanent darker line when stretched.

Many times our clients that have an entire house that was improperly installed have us correct a room or 2 every time we are in for carpet cleaning. It is a major event to stretch an entire furnished home.

Give us a call if you have loose carpet issues and Need It cleaned also.

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