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Carpet re-stretching is most of what we do rather than stretching carpet. The major reason we have to re-stretch is simply because the installer did not power stretch your carpet in and probably just kicked it in with a knee kicker. That is wrong, out of standard and grounds for entire carpet replacement.

The knee kicker seen above (left) is the tool to assist us hold things in place, the power stretcher to the right is the tool required to be used during an install otherwise your carpet is considered: damaged goods. Every installer knows this but they rely on you not knowing this. In the picture above this is a typical amount cut out from a visible wrinkle that was once in the center of a room.

Re-stretching is what we do to correct an installers lack of installation. Seldom do we get a chance to pull up a carpet and re-install it correctly. The client has all the furniture in place and it’s just too overwhelming for them. They normally have us just remove the wrinkle in that particular room before we clean it. Some clients we re-visit next time have it going on in another room so we correct them as they appear. But, carpet that wasn’t power stretched and is considered “damaged goods” by your carpet mfr warranty, is because the carpet does not wear correctly and prematurely wears, especially from the backing.

Who doesn’t hate those stupid stair wrinkles? Stairs don’t hardly get installed correctly either. It’s very typical to find the stairs rippled and the stairs are your first and easiest to wear.

These are all obvious to the eye but as a professional carpet cleaning service in San Diego we do a complete inspection before we start to clean a carpet or repair it. Many times it’s still new and doesn’t show any sign of wrinkles yet but we know what to look for. Many times we have had clients get new carpet simply because the carpet was installed incorrectly and by the book the carpet was never really “installed”.

Many times we get a carpet that is seamed and is 2 different shades on each side of the seam. Some not so obvious and some very obvious. This is why having us inspect your carpet before that 1 year install warranty is up is very important. Chances are you will call us after that as most do, now you know why they were so smart to only give you a 1 year warranty: it’s void now. Now since your carpet wasn’t installed right your 25 year mfr warranty is void too. All by design. The case above was contested by the installer as same lot numbers and put on the carpet mfr as a defect but the mfr denied it because it wasn’t power stretched.

Give us a call for a carpet inspection after your next install.

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