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You need carpet cleaning and you need carpet stretching. No problem, Miracle Services provides Carpet re-stretching, carpet repair in El Cajon. With us you can get your carpet repaired & cleaned.

Today’s carpet installers and flooring installers are typically lowest bid subcontractor winners. The one you bought your flooring from normally sends out invitations to bid and there is the problem – the lowest bidder wins & you lose. You’ve seen the Home Depot commercial for Free carpet installation with the purchase of carpet. Think about it, someone has to be cheap. This will be your sub-contracted installer who will take short cuts and cut corners. Those would be to skip the required power stretching step and sealing of seams.

Carpet buckles

This is what happens if the installer cheats you and does not use the required power stretcher

Bad carpet seam

This is a result of your installer not seam sealing the seam

So we come out prepared to stretch loose wrinkled carpet that was never properly stretched with a required power stretcher or repair those seams.

Carpet power stretching

The required power stretcher for all installs.

There are many types of carpet repairs that we encounter that range from sun rot to bleach stains and we can certainly help you out.Carpet bleach spot repair

Bleach stains are very typical due to bad carpet spotters, your cleaning service and pet urine. Actually, other than bleach, what removes the color is the residue of urine or a cleaning chemical that is high on the ph scale and breaks down the dyes.

Sun rot carpet el cajon

Polyester sun rot repair

Another very typical repair is for carpet pet damage. Locking a pet in a room is what causes most of it.Carpet pet damage

We come out prepared for it all rather than just be another carpet cleaning only service. For carpet re-stretching, carpet repair in El Cajon or San Diego give us a call.

If you don’t require carpet cleaning no problem we can come out and just do that carpet repair for you. The best thing to do if possible is text us a few pictures (619.990.3541) of the damaged areas so we can provide you a quick estimate.

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