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When it comes to pet urine in your carpet system it will take more than just cleaning the top of the system which is the carpet fibers.

Gravity sends the liquid to the bottom of the system – the pad. The urine hits the fibers then goes through the backing and then the pad.

Many times a customer just can’t comprehend this and opt to just clean the carpet. We explain it all to you but many times we can see that they believe we are trying to make a sell. Rather than just clean it, collect and then run we tell you the truth: if we just clean it we guarantee you that the urine spots will back up, the odor will remain and we will not guarantee our cleaning. Yes, it costs extra to do urine contamination repair.

There are options of pet urine removal and pet urine repair, it all depends on your sub-floor.

One option is to send our patented disinfectant down through the entire carpet system. We let it work and then pull it through out to our truck. We do that a few times to flush out the urine. Yes, this happens to each pet urine spot.

The most thorough repair and required to certain sub-floors is to pull back the carpet to examine, replace, repair and clean.

Getting to the source is the name of the game. That is the way we need to operate. Many times we have explained the process and the customer decided to treat it themselves. Too many times they have called back after their attempts because it is even worse now. Using your home cleaner can not keep control of the moisture and gravity takes over compounding the problem. Extraction (vacuum) power is the key and if you don’t have that like a home machine you loose control of the moisture and send it down to activate and spread the urine. That why they say it smells worse now and urine is wicking to the surface like wild fire.

Our mission is to find the urine in the sub floor then clean it & seal it.

Then the contaminated pad gets found and replaced. At the same time contaminated tack strips get replaced.

Then we have to saturate the carpet with a special solution and remove it all. We lay down plastic under the carpet to protect pad and subfloor. Once backing is cleaned of urine we will pull carpet back, inspect, remove plastic, stretch and hook carpet back and then clean.

If you’re serious about removing the urine then call us, we don’t want to be like other carpet cleaners that tell you we will remove it by cleaning the carpet only cleaning with a deodorizer and enzyme. Next day the deo wore off and you’re smelling the urine again.

I have many stubborn clients that have out every couple of months to just clean and clean with a lot of deo that will make your head spin. Soon as it wears off we come back out.

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