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carpet pet damage repair san diegocarpet repair san diego

It happens! The carpet doesn’t have to be replaced. If you have extra carpet of the same exact or a carpeted closet of the same type we can repair it for you. We provide carpet patching with carpet cleaning services. A professional qualified carpet cleaning service is supposed to be able to handle all of your carpet needs.

We can just trim it all up, put in some pad and then patch it. Depending on carpet type and the age it can be invisible. The older it is is sometimes a bit more obvious but at least you don’t have to look at the pet damage anymore or replace the carpet.

If you have pet damage, sun rot, holes, rips, burns, bleach spots or the typical wrinkles from loose carpet give me a call. This is all too common for us and we’d rather not be like other carpet cleaners that are limited and have to resort to just cleaning over any of you carpet problems.

Carpet bleach spot repair

Bleach spots or color loss spots do not have to be permanent when you have us out, they can all be repaired as we clean your carpet. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a qualified carpet cleaner for a change?

loose carpet san diego

Now isn’t this just the worst? In this case the customer opted not to have us carpet stretch with our power stretcher. This is an example of what happens when a carpet installer does not use the mandatory power stretcher but takes short cuts and uses a knee kicker.carpet stretching san diego

This is most satisfying, to come in to clean but correct the carpet install by power stretching it and making it look good again. The customer was selling and was afraid it would have to be replaced.

Here is a power stretcher at work on a cleaning job. This is what the installer did not use but was required to use. Most of the time the one you bought the carpet from sent out invitations to bid and uses the cheapest bidder. Many people do this and always choose the cheapest and you’d hope we would figure it out by now. Nobody will work cheap and provide all the things required, a profit must be made, cutting corners or switching up the price is in order.

Carpet repair

Bad seams that frayed out because your installer didn’t seam seal the edges can be cut out and replace. the installer doesn’t like to do this also absolute requirement because it takes too long for the latex sealant to dry. So we have to cut it out true and straight a bit wider than the adhered seam tape underneath. Then we can patch it for you.

If you have needed carpet repairs in San Diego give us a call. It’s best to call when you need carpet cleaning also so you can get a discount for multiple services.

Miracle Services is a veteran owned and operated business in San Diego established in 1994. Google us first to make sure we are a good fit for you. Go to the menu above and click on our Specials page to see our transparent prices. We are one of a very few that list our prices and do not Bait & Switch. This industry prides itself on baiting consumers with a cheap price and then changing it up with all kinds of extra charges for all the things that actually should have been included in the price advertised. Like those ads on the radio: 3 rooms, a free hall and get the 4th for FREE for only $129. You know that never happens!


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