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We know that when you call a carpet cleaner they should be able to perform Carpet patching & green carpet cleaning in San Diego. They should be able to perform all aspects of carpet repairs such as carpet dye repair of bleach spots:

Wrinkled carpets due to loose carpet from the all so typical improper carpet install without a power stretcher:

Broken or loose transitions:

And the list goes on. Our service includes a carpet audit inspection to find these obvious and not so obvious problems. Typically we include 2 minor repairs with our carpet cleaning service and for major repairs you have the option to have us repair them while we’re in to clean. It’s cheaper to have the repairs done with cleaning. I firmly believe in repairing 1st and then cleaning to test repairs and to steam out creases of stretched carpet wrinkles. Since our repairs are guaranteed for the life of the carpet I want to know it correct. I can’t tell how many sloppy patches someone else did that came apart when we cleaned it.

When you are searching for an honest locally owned and operated old school carpet cleaning service give us a call. We list our prices on our Specials page for all to see:

Carpet patching & green carpet cleaning in San Diego is possible with Miracle Services a veteran owned and operated green carpet cleaning service since 1994. When Quality Matters.


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