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Carpet Patching 

Many times you will need Carpet patching and carpet cleaning San Diego at the same time. Our pets love to eat holes in the carpet, we get burns and even some stains that just have to be cut out and patched. The best time for carpet repairs in San Diego is at the time of your cleaning and it will save you money getting instead of having to different carpet contractors out.

Miracle Services Inc

A truly professional San Diego carpet cleaner will pre-inspect your carpet for fiber and construction type, proper install, damages, defects and status of soiling. You need this to make a claim or to know the condition of your carpet before a cleaning. Your carpet cleaner needs to do this for liability sake. A good example is that a loose carpet will wave and buckle during the drying phase of a cleaning. Many times this gets blamed on the carpet cleaner. Now this waving of the carpet will relax once completely dry. You take your car to a good mechanic at the shop and he usually gives it a quick once over to ID any big dents or scratches on the body, cracked windows and things that are wrong other than the issue at hand. Its normal liability procedure.

One of the best benefits of having your carpet patched and repaired at cleaning is the testing of the carpet patch or repair integrity. The standard truckmount cleaning system can and will pull a loose carpet off the wall transition. If it was just stretched then the cleaning will test the stretch. Also the wrinkles leave creases from years of being bent and need moisture and heat to relax that memory. The carpet patch needs to be tested also for strength to make sure the seam seal is working and the patch is strong. Also the patch is usually clean original and the patch can get feathered right in instead of standing out like a sore thumb.




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