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It isn’t really that big of a deal but what is a big deal is “where will we get a donor piece?”

Sometimes you have some spare carpet of the same lot number that was left for this occasion but sometimes not.

If not, I can steal it from a closet. But what if it’s a really large piece that is needed?

Well, I’m still stealing it from a closet.

If we have to use a large amount from a closet we can just re-carpet the closet with another color, close but not same lot number.

Bur what if no closets to take from? Then we go into reconstruction mode:

As professional Carpet Cleaning San Diego we are well versed in all things carpet. Absolutely no use calling a carpet cleaner that only knows how to clean it. He or she must know what type of fiber it is to clean it. How many times has a carpet cleaner cleaned a wool carpet assuming it was a nylon or polyester and damaged it? How many times has a carpet cleaner cleaned a loose carpet and got blamed for the wrinkles after?

This is what happens to loose carpet as it dries after a cleaning and is your problem unless we w

own your problem by taking on the repairs – Restretch. This is why we inspect your carpet before we clean it to I.D. all problems. You can file a claim with the installer or the carpet distributor on that report or option to have us fix it.

Our most typical problem are loose carpets and transitions to hard floors that are not set due to delaminted carpet backings or tack strips that are loose:

We’re prepared for it! The last thing we as a Professional Carpet Cleaning service in San Diego want to say to is “by the way you need to call a pro after we clean it to fix it”.

If that isn’t enough it’s the pet urine color loss issues. Sometimes we can clean a perfectly good carpet and color just comes out in all the urinated spots because the dyes have been damaged. We are always prepared for that too:

Just know that when you call us that you will be getting a professional & thorough service

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