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I recently had a person text me for a carpet patch repair, Boone North Carolina and wanted a price quote. They stated that it was just one burn and then after I quoted the price of $125 they came back with the following picture that said $125 for this little piece? What they didn’t realize is I would take the carpet from the closet to match & replace the burn area & then patch the area in the closet with the remnant that they found that was a close match. That is 2 patches right there.Carpet patch repair boone north carolina

So, I replied back that it would be $210 then which is my minimum. I was being kind quoting just the $125 for a singular burn waiving my $210 minimum service charge. The attitude of the potential customer changed once I quoted the price and of course so did mine once I was questioned and received a picture for 3 burns. Then they got supposedly even smarter and googled “carpet patch repair” and found something that claimed the average price was $100 and sent me that screen shot.

Many people today unfortunately believe that they are the experts and that would be great as long as they would think for themselves rather than believe & be led by social media. That is the problem with the not so hi-tech society that allows them to let their brain go on vacation and live in social media.

Instead of operating like a traditional business or anyone that sells, we incorporate it all in our prices. Just like our Carpet Cleaning side everything is included. I know, it goes against the principals of taking the customer downtown by getting in with a low Bait price and then add on all the other requirements. It against our principals & morals.

Here is what goes into a service for any business: time, overhead and then profit. Profit is what allows any business to stay in business and anyone who had human behavior courses knows – motivation. Low to very low profit = poor quality. We operate in making a profit to stay in business and to stay motivated. I know too many in my industry that operate in low profit margins that blame the customer and provide poor quality.

The carpet patch service requires many things. The tools for the job, the experience & knowledge and the new patch material. 90% of the time you do not have the extra of the same carpet. In that case, it must be cut out of the closet. Now we have a hole in the closet and it must be patched with something. You provide that by doing the foot work and finding a small remnant to buy to replace that closet or the area we cut out for you. Sometimes we may have something close and can use that. It is impossible for us to carry every type of carpet and color.

The bottom line is that our repair price includes the obvious of patching the closet also.Carpet patch repair boone north carolinaPet damage repair boone north carolina

Our price also includes some carpet pad replacement where a pet ate it or ripped it out. These are normal requirements of every carpet patch repair, no price surprises.

In our case we only use specialized tools such as the KoolGlide that uses RF waves and a special seam tape. What this does is allow us to remove any patch or seam without having to cut it out, making it larger this requiring more carpet to repair it with. Countless times we have had a pet go right back to the repaired area months later and work on it again. It is so much easier to remove our work with the press of a button instead of a knife.Carpet repair mountain city tennessee

With us, our price includes a lifetime if the carpet guarantee on our repairs. If for any reason our repair doesn’t hold up then we will be back to make it right. This has yet to happen very simy because we take our time to do it right.

The secret to any carpet repair is to have your carpet cleaner repair it at your next cleaning. We offer discounts primarily because we are in for service. It is the minimum service call that gets you on a simple repair. Unfortunately, most carpet cleaners no longer desire to learn this part of their trade so check with your regular carpet cleaning service.

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