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Hello, I’m Gary McKay of Miracle Services – Green carpet cleaning. I’m the owner & operator. It has always been my priority since our inception in 1994 to keep ourselves safe in this industry that promotes toxic cleaning chemicals. Carpet Organic steam cleaning that is eco green is our mandate. We have been non-toxic carpet cleaning in San Diego for almost 3 decades.

Safe green carpet cleaning San Diego by Miracle Services

Our Definition of Eco Green

We want to use a product that is Human Safe. We also want to use something that is safe for our environment. There are products that are safe for the environment but not safe for humans, also, products safe for humans but not the environment. I use products that are merged for both and it’s possible.

Fake Green & Eco Friendly Products

Nobody regulates any of that including things labeled Organic, non-toxic and natural. Many advertise it for cleaning but don’t really do it, many products with those labels are not. Many products will contain 1 natural ingredient and then label it green or natural. Other products will be labeled natural & green and contain a natural product that is not human safe at all.

Examples of Unsafe Natural Chemicals

There is a newer franchise that sells on their water they claim to have power. There is another that said they cleaned with Carbonated Water. What they don’t tell you is what else is in that water. The newer franchise converts their water into Sodium Hydroxide (lye). A common claimed Natural carpet cleaning product is Phosphate & phosphoric acid. Another famous product is orange oil aka citrus solvent, it’s proper name is D’Limonene. That product is used to kill termites – organic life. In my opinion, these do not meet Eco Green definition.

Keeping it Honest

We like to only use true safe products that list the ingredients so that you can verify and research it. You got to love natural & green carpet cleaning products that won’t list the ingredients but cover it up with just selling points on the label. We research our products and for years have kept to those products that work, are non-toxic, leave no residues, are not soaps and perfectly safe for humans & the eco system.

If you are truly searching for safe, non-toxic carpet cleaning in San Diego we would encourage you to give us a call. There is absolutely no reason to go with chemical carpet cleaning or a green cleaner that won’t divulge what ingredients are in their product. You want safe carpet cleaning and we want a safe day. Let’s keep carpet cleaning healthy together. Carpet organic steam cleaning is the only true clean.

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