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Carpet coming up repair

My “Carpet is coming up” repair is one of my biggest requests. Most recently I answered a call where another carpet cleaner supposedly did the repair but the customer was not happy. To my surprise, the carpet cleaner glued the carpet down to the tack strips???$&$&???? Rather than stretch the carpet over the tack strip, releasing the stretch onto the tacks to lock it into place, he used adhesive. I get to see unorthodox installs & repairs all the time but this was over the top.Carpet stretching

When a carpet is no longer set on or secured to the tack strips along the edges of the wall or at a transition this is your sign that it was not correctly installed. You will usually see a wrinkle, buckle or bubble like the above photo. The correct fix is to stretch the carpet to 2 of the walls and correctly set it on the tack strips.

Your carpet that is not secured to the tack strips should never happen if it was installed correctly and a good, professional & experienced carpet cleaner will inspect for this before they clean it. If it is found to be loose or not secured then it should be stretched before cleaned. If you opt not to get it stretched first then you should be given warning that cleaning it will possibly make it worse, or just maybe it will be temporarily worse.

It isn’t a major or problematic thing repairing carpet that has these issues, it is a very typical thing for us. Often times it includes a tack strip that is no longer secured to the subfloor and it needs new tack strips installed. Many times it is just a new floor transition or an addition of a door like the below pictures:Install tack strip san diegoCarpet tack strip repair san diego

Regardless of the situation that a tack strip needs to be installed, it must be stretched over the tack strip to be secure, not bumped into place.

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