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If there is anything that chaps my hide it’s greasy carpet installers that knowingly do not install your carpet. Worse is the retailer that you bought it from that knows very well that the subcontractors they hired cut every corner possible. This is why Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Repair provides carpet install repairs.

You go out and purchase carpet, you pay good money for i,t only to get taken. Then once you discover the problem that needs to be repaired, the retailer you bought it from gives you the total run around. They know exactly what happened – they subcontracted the lowest bidding subcontractor for the job that made it impossible to install your carpet to code and required standard. The installer knows they have to rush, rush, rush and cut all corners in order to make a profit. It’s done so much this way and you the consumer hardly ever makes a claim so this pandemic of a problem never goes away.

The knee kicker is not a carpet stretcher today!!!!!! Back in the day when quality existed, we had jute carpet backing, a nice natural product. The knee kicker was used then to tighten the carpet in not stretch it in like today’s synthetic backings.

Now, if you were a greasy, unethical cheat of a subcontractor, which of the above tools would you bring in to do the job? 90 lbs of a cumbersome power stretcher or 4lb knee kicker? I mean, the customer will never know, they are hardly there to watch and you won’t know what hit you until about a year when your Install Warrant expires. That’s right, the one that sold you the carpet always covers their six, but not only that, wait till you read the exclusions in your carpet warranty.

Now you need me but you have to pay me to do it correctly. But, you paid good money for this carpet! Listen, the flooring industry is by far honest and you need to do your own diligent research. If they make lowest grade inferior carpet, dye it real nice to attract you, send out non certified corner cutting installers then they know that you will be back sooner for new. They raise the price for the good quality: nylon carpet so that you will choose the inferior: polyester. They attract you with special deals on top to seal the deal like ” get free installation, $99 installation, buy 1 room get 1 free”. Come on, nobody gives anything away for FREE. They do not want you to buy a quality nylon carpet with a certified installer that will power stretch it to standard because it will last 20-25 years. There is no money in that!

If you are considering new carpet, call me. Let’s set up an independent post installation inspection. I’ve provided hundreds of these and have gotten hundreds of clients new carpet or install carpet repairs from my inspection for your claim. After that 1 year install warranty it will be very hard.

Stay far, far away from Empire Today and the big box stores. These are 95% of the problem. Go with a smaller family owned company that sells carpet & installs it. Watch your installer to ensure the power stretcher is used and not the knee kicker. Then call me for an inspection.

Two things installers like to cut corners on: carpet power stretching that we talked about but stair stretching also and 2nd – seam sealing your carpet seams with a latex seam sealer to prevent unraveling or fraying of seams. When carpet is cut, that latex backing needs to be sealed up to hold in the tufts or yarns from coming apart. Foot traffic and a vacuum will eventually break up these seams if not sealed. I inspect those with a black light to ensure it was done. Finding any of these two absolutely required items not done is grounds for automatic replacement.

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