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Carpet repair san diego

Need carpet damage repair? Many homes have some kind of carpet damage whether it be something minor like a bleach spot to a major repair such as pet damage.

Bleach spot repair

Bleach Spot Repair

Carpet repair San Diego

Carpet damage repair

Pet Damage Repair

Our typical repair is loose carpet and stretching those carpets to lose the wrinkles. Yes, we are a carpet cleaning service but handle all things carpet. Call us: 619.990.3541 carpet damage repair | San Diego

carpet repair & carpet stretching

Carpet Stretching


Do you need carpet cleaning and carpet repair?

Now you can get your carpet cleaned and repaired during the same appointment. What you don’t want to do is call a carpet cleaner that can’t or won’t repair your carpets because it’s cheaper to have them repaired & cleaned by the same contractor.

Its very typical to have carpet wrinkles due to poor carpet installation. Lowest bidder installers who were probally not even qualified won the bid from those whom you purchased the carpet from. The cheapest bidder allowed the carpet seller to pocket some money. Oh, they know the carpet won’t get power stretched but they also know that you don’t know that power stretching is absolutely required. A year later after the 1 year install warranty expires you notice the bubbles, the wrinkles and buckling. Don’t worry, we typically repair this mess. We stretch these before we clean it.

Carpet Pet Damage Repair

44% of the population are pet owners. Our pets love carpet but they do love to attempt to dig their way out of a room that you locked them in. Sometimes, when they are sick and need grass to eat, your carpet is the next best thing. These are very repairable but we need the original carpet to do that.

 Give us a call for your carpet needs. We are a San Diego local, veteran owned and operated service since 1994. There are many that advertise in San Diego but are out of state and then sell your job to a subcontractor. You can tell by the phone number either an 800 area code. This is how many get disappointing work. The subcontractor had to pay for your job so needs to make it up. They can deliver poor quality since it wasn’t them you actually called and accountability is out the window.

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