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There is a safer way to clean your carpets, a safer way for you and for me. Carpet cleaning with no chemicals in San Diego is very possible and works extremely well. I’ve been doing it for a very long time.

Safe green carpet cleaning by Miracle Services

The carpet and floor industry promotes all cleaners regardless of how well they do or how safe they are, it’s all about the money & advertisement. You can say & claim anything with advertisement and the people will buy it. That carpet cleaning franchise you constantly hear about on the radio that claims not to leave a residue, you believe it. Even though they convert their water into sodium hydroxide (lye), you believe it’s green because they claim that. But, what is the definition of green?

In advertisement you can claim almost anything and get away with it. They know the majority of people do not research anymore. I mean why research it when another commercial advertisement lays out everything they want you to hear and believe? It’s human behavior to believe rumors and commercials where someone else thinks for us.

The sad truth about carpet & floor cleaning is that the person doing the cleaning is just bent on results. Use the strongest product available, speed up the cleaning process and sugar coat the negatives: chemicals, health hazards, residues, toxicity and damage. I like the way that certain radio franchise uses the term “no harsh chemicals”. Just take a look at the pre conditioning chemical they use and then the water of Sodium Hydroxide (lye) they clean with. It’s quite funny, “no harsh chemicals” compared to what? Yet, people will buy it due to the marketing.

I believe in my own personal safety as you do yours. My last priority is to spend a few hours for a few hundred dollars exposing myself to the typical hazardous carpet and floor cleaning chemicals. To do this several times a day 5-7 days a week is madness. To do this to you, by exposing you to it (toxic chemicals) and leaving the residue behind is immoral. So, safety is paramount with me.

Now, does all that mean that no harsh or toxic chemicals will be used? Come on, I’m not advertising B.S. here to get you to buy, I’m going to tell you the truth. Carpet cleaners carry many things for various situations such as different types of stains. I have found over the years a few very safe stain removers but still have some very toxic items for serious stains. They are rarely used but when they are they get flushed and rinsed away with the stain.

The typical carpet cleaning procedure: pre condition, pre spot, steam clean with chemical or soap powered up water. The chemical is in the water tank or it is injected into the cleaning water. It is this cleaning water that leaves the residue. It’s traditional for franchise operations and bigger truck carpet cleaners to run a high alkaline (chemical or soap) cleaner in the cleaning water to speed up the cleaning process. This is due to employees and speed cleaning in order to make profit.

Speed cleaning is traditional and in my opinion dirty. Apply a high alkaline chemical of soap as a pre conditioner, then apply spot and stain treatment, then clean with a chemical or soapy water?? Can you say “residue”?

Our preferred process goes against the industry standard, it’s common sense – I’m not supporting the chemical companies at my health expense or yours. I know, I know, it’s not how they trained us. Leaving carpets cleaner longer, free of residue, means you don’t call me sooner for carpet cleaning and I dont support the chemical companies.

My process has always been different because it’s common sense: apply an alkaline cleaner (industry terms it a pre conditioner but I term it as my only cleaner), high heat, 100% unadulterated water without chemical injection, flush and rinse clean, treat stains or spots that did not come out, flush & rinse them gone.

That process is as green and clean as is possible. Carpet cleaning with no chemicals is my key to my success. My key is the pre conditioner or cleaner that apply to your carpet. It is absolutely safe natural, truly green, non toxic, hypoallergenic, residue-free, fragrance free and soap free. Two key words or phrases: safe natural & soap free.

Green carpet cleaning San Diego
Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning San Diego

All too many Green labeled products contain Natural things that are not human safe, you should be aware of this. A few of the natural things I despise that are in so called natural carpet cleaners: d’limonene (orange oil, citrus oil or citrus solvent) and phosphates. They are not human safe or pet friendly. Come on, they kill termites with orange oil! It’s also very flammable but it’s natural. When is the last time you seen a live insect in an orange?

Our product contains only human safe natural ingredients that contain zero soaps. No soap cleaning is important because it won’t explode into tiny millions of suds that get trapped into the carpet as a residue. Instead it flushes and rinses from your carpet with ease.

If you’d like more info on my true green natural carpet cleaning process, feel free to call me. I’m sure you would prefer carpet cleaning with no chemicals over chemicals any day. If you’d like to see my transparent prices & specials then click on PRICES.

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