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No residue left in carpet

Trying to find a carpet cleaner today that honestly provides carpet cleaning that doesn’t leave a residue can be quite challenging. It’s a concept that true professional carpet cleaners have used for years. That franchise that has named their business after claiming not to leave a residue has caused quite an advertising spin and controversy. They did like the Dry Carpet Cleaning Cult – ChemCry & used fear marketing to get in on the action.

Like every fake fad the truth always comes out just like the ZeroFez cult. Truth about their so called patented water is well known and documented and they continue to claim they are not traditional. However, traditional carpet cleaning has always used some sort of scam to draw in the gullible. We are Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning & Repair carpet cleaning that doesn’t leave a residue and we pull no punches.

We know honesty doesn’t sell or make the phones ring and don’t care, we just like to sleep at nights. Just like the professionals before me Resudue plays the most important role in caroet cleaning that doesn’t leave a residue. First of all this will mean no detergents or soaps are to be used. Why? Because the foam and suds up in the carpet as the high pressure water hits it. As it is extracted, the foam will decrease vacuum greatly lowering the water lift of the extraction process. This will not only leave soapy residue but most importantly much of the dirty water that got left behind.

There are many soaps and detergents designed not to adhere to the carpet fibers today but this is useless technology. It’s an encapsulation process that claims that the soils get encapsulated by these encapsulating suds and once dry you vacuum them away. Many carpet cleaners buy off on since because that’s how it is advertised. It just doesn’t take much common sense to realize it won’t work and it’s so easy to prove. I can’t tell you of all the dirty Dry Cleaning jobs I cleaned up after. Even those that truckmount steam clean with this process have greatly fooled themselves.

Our process is very simple but is so untraditional: apply a non-toxic green pre-conditioner that has no soaps or detergents, then flush & rinse the carpet with super heated freash water only with a high flow rate for flush. Much more water goes into the carpet and much more water and soil comes out of the carpet than traditional carpet cleaners.

What is all this hype about special Waters that have powers? This is when you use smoke & mirrors to lie a little, this is when you convert the cleaning water into a chemical cleaner and this is exactly what leaves a residue even when they claim the won’t.

The big lie exposed – chemical injection:The no residue lie

Many of us have a 5 gallon chemical injection jug to inject soaps, chemicals or acids into our cleaning water. This is what comes out of the carpet cleaning tools that we clean with. Some have a different style of chemical injection but all does the same. As you can see mine is empty and 95% of the time stays that way. I use mine when I’m cleaning the extreme nasty, the kind of carpet that really belongs in a dumpster, you know, the ones that are saturated in food grease, pet urine, pet feces and hasn’t been cleaned in 8 years. Now, you best bet I’m leaving a residue, although a no soap residue since mine is a no soap non-toxic emulsifier, but a residue of that none the less. At the end of the day on those jobs is that it is now a much healthier environment when I’m done.

It really doesn’t have to be that way for the majority of jobs I get to do. It’s all about protecting myself and my clients from chemicals and the chemical fall out. We’ve latched onto the very best and safest green cleaner and process available instead of having to re-label traditional carpet cleaning and giving it a new spin and untrue promises. Our process of Zero Chemical Injection just adds a few additional steps that the bigger truck operations and especially the franchises can’t afford because time is money.

Is your carpet cleaner pumping your carpet with chemicals or soaps? You can ask them if they are injecting. If they claim they are using their super water that has power, that’s your sign. You can also walk by their truck while it’s operating and look for that 5 gallon chemical jug. When they have to explain that they have inject a chemical or run a rinse agent to remove the soap or chemical to leave no residue then that is your sign. Running another chemical to remove the first chemical does leave a residue.

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