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Today all too many carpet installers just lay in your carpet and bump it in with a knee kicker. This is why we are carpet cleaning and stretching in San Diego. 80% of our cleaning jobs are in need of carpet stretching.

Carpet cleaning and stretching

Carpet cleaning and stretching

When it comes to carpet cleaning and stretching in San Diego we are here for you. As a qualified carpet cleaning company, carpet repairs go hand in hand. Probably 95% of all loose carpet like above pictures are because of subcontracted installers. They are chosen as the lowest bidders so that the one you bought the carpet from saves money.  The lowest bidding subcontractor that is awarded the job can’t afford to do it right and must cut several corners.

When we come in to clean your carpets we are prepared to correct carpet. After stretching a loose wrinkled carpet we like to steam out the creases those wrinkles made. The hard latex backing will leave a little memory for awhile on quality carpets but will relax. The steam cleaning process allows us to accelerate the relaxing process by getting it damp and hot during the cleaning. This particular job the customer had someone clean it 1st. We recommend you have it cleaned by a steam cleaning professional or by us right after it is stretched.Carpet power stretching

When we power stretch your carpet which is what the installer should have done since it is absolutely required. If you don’t see the pole power stretcher being used during an install your carpet is not installed! We did 3 areas in this home that took us 3.5 hours so why would the lowest bidder install subcontractor spend extra hours doing it right? Never purchase carpet from a retailer that has to sub out installers! Call us, We’ll refer you to a company that sells floor coverings and installs it. Subcontracting is the new norm today and it is why quality I’m this country is at an all time low.

Here is a job where we were able to steam clean the creases out after

What kind of carpet cleaning company would we be if we couldn’t offer those repairs that go hand I’m hand with carpet cleaning? After the stretch we get to test our work. When we put our wand on the carpet and get that lock down we can push ripples around in loose carpet. We shouldn’t get any ripples when we push and pull. Same for our patch work, we want to test that patch integrity with our powerful cleaning suction.

The same goes for those needed color loss repairs. It’s done during the cleaning. Those areas need flushed out at which time more color will leave, then it gets neutralized, then spot dyed then cleaned for test.

Make sure your next carpet cleaner knows carpet. A well rounded service will handle it all. Check our our Specials & Prices HERE


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