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Extremely dirty carpets are normal for this economy these last 7 years. We are experts at Salvage Cleaning  but it conflicts with our perfectionist goal for each job that we do. We enjoy Chemical Free Carpet Cleaning but these are in no way candidates for no chemical carpet cleaning or green cleaning for the most part!

You see there are various carpet fibers, some great, some not so great and some just plain wrong. The picture on the right is a polyester cut pile and what you don’t see is the greasy kitchen on the right of it, what you are looking at is also the dining area. so, there is a combination of greasy soil & extreme scratch of fibers. Polyester & polypropylene are petroleum based products that love oil & grease. The fibers scratch prematurely and easily and the grease ruins it, so why is it sold and why doesn’t the manufacturer or the distributor tell you this?


                                                                                                                                    Then we have the much better nylon cut pile but with lots of stains and color loss spots. The carpet is loose and needs re stretching but that is an added service on top of the cleaning. Nylon is great for long life but you have to treat it well: you can’t spill color dye drinks on it,  the pets can’t urinate on it and you can’t use cheap spotters on it that remove the dyes. This is an example of a 19 year old nylon.

In the case of Salvage cleaning our work is not guaranteed! Sure, we will use extreme measures to remove all the soiling and remove as much staining as possible but that is about it. In many cases they come out better than expected and some times they don’t come out any better at all.  Cleaning a trashed Nylon carpet will always have better results than a trashed Polyester or Berber Polypropylene (olefin) carpet.

Those who have rentals that need cleaning are always expecting the best but in no way can we tell you everything is going to be just fine and carpets will look like new.  Many times we have arrived and then had to leave simply because it was beyond economical cleaning or repair, in other words it needed to be replaced. For jobs like this on the right when the customer is aware of the outcome but wants to proceed with repairs (re stretch) and Salvage Cleaning then we oblige.




Tell me what is perfect of this outcome? Yes, the nasty grease & soil are gone but the scratch of the fibers and permanent stains are still obvious.




The economy has changed a lot of things, instead of 6-12 month carpet cleaning we are seeing more & more 2-3 year cleaning. That on a polyester is always a sign of the end of the appearance value of that carpet and extreme cleaning has to be utilized.

Of course our favorite jobs are urine damage! There is nothingheavy pet urine more thrilling. Everyone has pets these days and many let them have their way in the home. Sure, yeah, it’s no problem just suck out the pee and the problem is solved. No more stains and no more smell right? Wrong! Urine breaks down & removes the dyes in most carpets, stains the carpet with a high ph burn, destroys and impregnates the latex backing, saturates the carpet pad, impregnates sub floors, tack strips and many times baseboards.

Repairing a frequented urinating spot is always easier than urine shots over the entire home like this picture on the right. Luckily this is a polyester and staining it is harder but since liquid doesn’t absorb into the fiber and instead runs through the carpets into the pad & sub floor, the carpet must be pulled, sub floor cleaned and pad replaced along with effected tack strip. The carpet backing cleaned as much as possible, the carpet re installed and then the carpet cleaned and treated. Yes, even after all of that No Guarantee of of stains or odor.

You can see the amount of urine from just a small 8lb dog once we rolled the carpet up to remove & replace the pad. The carpet backing is the biggest problem which is why we can not guarantee that the smell will be 100% gone. We can’t replace the backing but we can treat it and clean much of it but it’s latex mesh and adhesives that easily disintegrates when wet or left soaked with urine..

Luckily in this case the odor & stains were gone but since then the dog has continued to re-visit. We always recommend that if your pet has yet to be trained then going this route may be a waste of money. In this case though the removal of the foul odor of a urine soaked sponge (the pad) still has it’s rewards but I’m sure in another year we will be back to remove the pad once again.

So there you go, instead of pictures of our best I have given you some of our worst. We are equipped for any situation but sometimes to achieve that once beautiful uniform appearance it may be time to replace it.




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