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San Diego is like the capitol for carpet cleaners. Here you will find a majority of carpet cleaning rip offs and scams.

San Diego is a rat race for carpet cleaning just like any other border town. Competition is crazy stupid.

The easiest way to get customers is to bait them with a super attractive low price and attract the weak gullible price shopper. The goal is to get into their home.

Once in their home they are done for. Now you start with the act. You tell them that this carpet is really dirty and needs Deep Cleaning, the ad prices for Basic cleaning.

If you have pets, well, you need the Pet Treatment, you have about 17 spots which will require Spot Treatment and there is a red stain that will require Stain Treatment.

That can go on and on. That radio franchise you always hear about but get bad reviews for changing the price even charges a water fee????????

Listen, it’s called ” Carpet Cleaning”, key word “Cleaning”. I have yet to ever see a carpet that needed Basic cleaning it’s always deep or it’s not clean!

Carpet cleaning rip offs and scams exist because carpet cleaners are not usually very intelligent. The copy the model of each other rather than be original. So they think Bait & Swith is the norm.

I knew I was in trouble when I started while on active duty, but I was determined to be all that that other carpet cleaners were not.

Transparent carpet cleaning prices that included everything to get it clean. I also was the opposite of every consumers carpet cleaner complaint.

#1 complaint – 2 to 4 day dry times. We started Fast Dry service with our carpet cleaning, modified our wands and system to extract better.

#2 compaint – spots returned. Well, this happens because the carpet took days to dry but the standard cleaning wands blasted dirt to the bottom. Our drying and modified cleaning wands fixed this.

#3 Sticky soapy chemical residue attracting soil. This was easy, we’re not a franchise that can’t afford to spend time to do it right.

The franchise carpet cleaners available to you have employees that come and go, so do the multi truck operations. Remember, we are owner operated.

A carpet cleaning employee makes money by extra sells and they are pushed to do this Don’t sell and you get dismissed. The usually get 30%.

If you’re underpaid and a customer won’t pay for extras or sells then you lost all motivation. That cleaning will be a quick Splash & Dash.

Successful carpet cleaning requires Flush, Extract, Rinse, extract, extract. Not that quick 1 combined wet and extract pass. That is just smoke & mirrors, no cleaning.

We don’t pump soap into our water we clean with or acid. This leaves a residue of whatever was injected into the rinse water. We use only soft water.

Bottom line, we don’t use soaps since they explode into suds and we flush and rinse and extract the water up by making multiple cleaning passes and not a quick squirt and suck.

#4 complaint was the last guy charged extra for this and extra for that. We decided to list our prices and show you what you get for that:

#5 complaint was that the last carpet cleaner was very limited, all they wanted to do was sell me to clean more things but not repair my carpet.

A carpet cleaner should know everything there is about carpet. This means every new product, every construction and every fiber type. The should have the capability to repair it too.

If a carpet cleaner pulls a loose carpet off a tack strip transition to tile, who’s going to fix that? This is why a carpet cleaner was supposed to be able to repair too.

But, it just does not make sense to walk into a job with pet damage, color loss spots and tripping carpet wrinkles and just clean over it. So, we repair as an option.

We believe that carpet cleaning includes it all to get it clean and on it’s way to dry or dry. We consider pet urine and repair since it requires sub-surface treatment of pad and backing and many times replacing pad.

We also discuss everything with a client before we schedule. You don’t want to show up and start with the pricing. We even encourage you to price shop.

We’d rather not service price shoppers because it’s always a discussion of “why do you charge that much when they charge $25 a room?” I’d rather not educate a new carpet price shopper, it’s an experience all have to experience themselves.

If it sounds too good to be true it’s because it is, that fact will always remain.

Always google your potential cleaner, first there phone number and then their business name. You get a lot of Intel that way.

There are unbelievably way too many.

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