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Carpet stretching san diegoYou need carpet cleaning but you also need some repairs like maybe some stretching, a patch or bleach stain color dye. Wouldn’t it make sense to find a qualified carpet cleaner in San Diego? You need carpet cleaning and repair, so you need Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning.

Qualified Carpet Cleaning

One of the major problems with carpet cleaners today is they just clean all carpet the same way. They don’t even know what fiber type it is, if it’s a good install or bad, what type of backing it is or what kind of damage exists. You need a carpet cleaner that knows, understands all things carpet, can clean and repair it.

Carpet Pre-Inspection

Before we do any work on a carpet we always inspect it first. We have to determine the carpet fiber, carpet construction, the ounce weight, the carpet install  urine detection and other possible damage. Once we gather that info, it gets documented and you get informed, it then determines the proper cleaning adjustments. As an example; I ran into brand new berber with unusual bubbles, however, the carpet was tight & power stretched. As I lifted the carpet I found delamination throughout. The backing was separating from the carpet because the coating for the backing pulverized into powder and was severely cracked.

Carpet delamination

All those hollow spots are missing backing adhesive for integrity. The backing used to consist of 80% latex coating with 20% clay applied over the polyester mesh backing material. Today it’s 80% clay & 20% latex. The above backing seems to be 100% clay as its breaks apart at just bending the carpet. Needless to say, this carpet is damaged goods and based on our inspection it will get replaced at no cost to client. Had we cleaned it and made it worse, we could have been held liable, instead everybody is happy except for the carpet distributor.

Carpet Cleaning is Carpet Care

Carpet color loss

So, what if your carpet cleaner hit this, pet urine that broke down the dyes and laid dormant waiting to be flushed out? Just clean over it? No way!Carpet spot dye repair

It would be professional to provide an option to correct it. Otherwise the clean doesn’t feel right. Always seek out a qualified professional. Many sport their certification in carpet cleaning but what does that really mean? Sad is that it does not do anything for your carpet cleaning, correction and repair.

Carpet Pet Damage is TypicalCarpet pet damage patched

Don’t worry, this can all be addressed during your cleaning with Miracle Services. Since 1994 we’ve made complete carpet care our business.

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