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Carpet Cleaning prices are all over the map so are what things included.

I’m not one to play games and I didn’t fall into the mold that most take when starting my carpet cleaning business – Bait & Switch.

I list our prices on our website unlike others which is the cardinal sin in this business. The typical rule is to dangle that bait to make them call and then snare them. Not our style and same goes for too good to be true ads or coupons with fine print.

We not only advertise 180 out from the rest but we operate 180 out.

Human behavior says “if I’m not making enough I’m not going to deliver very much”. Quality safe cleaners, quality tools/equipment and quality techniques instead of the typical quick, soaked for days, sticky residue carpets. That’s one of the typical models that we don’t use. The other of course is to itemize everything that is required to get it clean for additional money. You’ve heard of Basic clean, well that’s just the water then everything else is extra and guess what? It’s needed. Spots, $25 extra per room???? Are you kidding? Now give that technician any static about adding more for spots and traffic and you’re getting blamed for being cheap and you will get the quick & dirty.

When we step into your home we do a pre-inspection. Got to know what fiber type it is, have to know the carpet is loose, need to check for color loss spots, test for urine, loose transitions to hard floors and any carpet damage. Why? Correct cleaning preconditioner must be applied to carpet fiber type, loose carpet means no sliding of furniture and no use of rotary extraction equipment. It also means we may suck the carpet off the tack strips and need to be ready to fix it. Carpet color loss indicates dye issues and more may arise during the cleaning. Holes & rips need to be price evaluated in case you want it fixed.

We list our prices on our website like most will not:

Those prices are your worse case scenario because not all rooms are the same size, some are furnished and some are not. If we go in a home of 4 rooms and a hall for $249 and we can only get 400 sq. ft. total × 43 cents moderately soiled then it won’t be $249 but less. Now if it’s 670 sq ft then it comes out higher than $249 but we will stick to the $249 in that case.

Yes, we move and protect general furniture, it isn’t extra. We also a run a fan that follows us to speed along our quick carpet dry times. We do have an option to dry your carpets while we are in and that is extra.

We are not your typical carpet cleaning service, we do repairs and clean, we run a true residue free green safe service unlike a certain franchise that cleans with a bad chemical, this was implemented for our personal protection as everyday end users. There are times that we meet a situation where a true Green service won’t apply because the carpets are really bad but we keep everything we use very safe for us, safe for us then it’s safe for you. Will we clean a horrific greasy Chinese or Mexican restaurant? No! The health risks are not my cup of tea. Plenty of  ignorant toxic carpet cleaner for that.

So for the constant questions I get asked: why are you more expensive than Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaning San Diego? Because we are not Stanley Steeper or any other Franchise that is constantly complained about. For almost 24 years our reputation speaks for itself.

We are not selling a boxed same product that several stores sell with various prices to price shop for. We are service and that’s what you need to research when price shopping.

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