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The above photos are from two different jobs that we cleaned with our Chemical Free all Natural process. Please keep in mind these are greasy oil based Berber olefin carpets. Breaking the grease barrier on these is the first & foremost goal. Getting these Dry ASAP is the next goal. Since these are a plastic, any moisture runs down the fibers to the backing and pad. Moisture control is essential and Fast Drying these carpets during service is a must that most ignore. Any spills in the carpet will wick to the surface during a Berber left wet. This is why we have specialized and modified equipment/tools to handle Berbers,

We started in 1994 with a Chemical Free and Fast Dry platform in our carpet cleaning endeavor and have seen it all, tried it all and did it all. Non-residue, Chemical Free, Organic, Green, Natural and Non-Toxic. We have heard all the horror stories and still get the calls every week to come and help fix another carpet cleaners toxic mess. This is what happens when people use craigslist because anyone can be a business on a craigslist with a new company name everyday.

What about Fast Dry carpet cleaning, what does that mean? I guess it’s open to interpitation today because many use that term now. We developed this at the get go since the number 1 complaint was and still is “Soaked Carpets” for days. We have made multiple system modifications, purchased quality tools designed to Fast Dry Carpets. This is one of our steps in our cleaning process that is signature with Miracle Services. It’s 2015 not 1972 any longer but yet most carpet cleaners still just soak them down like back in the day.

Chemical Dri went out with a mad marketing campaign to fool people into believing that a floor buffer and a round towel could buff your dirt away without chemicals. Sure they had carbonated water along with the secret formula that can’t be disclosed. Just like the people with what they call water they powered but won’t disclose this man made product even though it is rumoured to be Sodium Hydroxide. It’s all about interpitation today not fact.

This Secret ingredient, the proprietary dark secret, can it be good? Sure, yeah, just say it’s Green & Chemical Free but what about showing the consumer exactly what it is you’re using along with the MSDS sheet that discloses the ingredients. When we arrive we will show you and discuss what we will be using.

We like to be exactly what we say we are, it’s our reputation and we want you comfortable and at ease while we are in your home knowing you are getting the real thing. The stories and things I know of those that claim to be Green, Safe or Organic are insane. Ingredients, ingredients, MSDS sheet, not a radio talk show shill getting paid to read a script or a carpet cleaner reading claims on the back of a chemical jug! Just because a product has a Green label and 30% of it’s content is green does not make it Green or Natural!

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