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Carpet Cleaning for La Mesa is our favorite operating area. We provide carpet cleaning and all carpet repairs such as carpet stretching, pet repair for rips, holes and urine contamination. Carpet bleach stains are a typical carpet clean repair for us where we can provide carpet spot dye service.

Our signature is our Fast Dry service with our cleaning. We are unique that way since our start in 1994. I took the biggest complaints that consumers had about carpet cleaners and made sure to stand out from them.

The 1st complaints on carpet cleaners is Bait & Switch or price changing. We’ve never advertised for low price to attract or Bait anyone but put our price out front. Sure we miss a lot of work by baiting people to call but quality and honesty has paid off.

The 2nd issue from day 1 has been soaked carpets and the problems associated with that. We perfected a system and modified our equipment from the standard to drastically speed up the carpet drying process.

At the same time we modified our system to put out 3-4 times the water output as most. This high flow of water is what we term as “flush and rinse” and it is what deep cleans. The standard low flow high pressure blast just drives contaminates and dirty water deep into the base of the carpet.

This is why consumers complained of soaked carpets but dirty once the were finally dry. This is due to the contaminates wicking right back to the surface which is why we snuff out the long dry process. Yes, even though we use more water than most we still get it dryer if not dry.

Finally and 3rd we heard consumers that had typical complaints about the carpet bubbling or waving up after a cleaning. This is because the carpet cleaners didn’t inspect the carpet and notify you that the carpet was loose due to a bad install.

Most have no clue of how to inspect it or can offer to re-stretch it. Carpet Cleaners will typically suck a loose carpet off the tack strip along walls or transitions and just leave it that way.  

So we have always inspected your carpets for issues, provided a few minor repairs and given you an option to have it repaired.

Yes, we’re a San Diego carpet cleaning company but a professional one and that means we should be proficient in all things carpet.

Let’s face it, carpet is expensive and the ways of subcontracting out lowest bidder installers have really cheapened carpet today. Rather than having employees that install your carpet supplier now 1099’s the cheapest bidder.

One of our important roles as your carpet service is to inspect it for install and manufacturer defects so that you can make a claim.

Yes, we’ve made a lot of enemies of carpet outlets due to claims and carpet replacements but your carpet was designed to last up to 25 years not begin to deteriorate at year 1 all because of a wrong install that technically is not considered installed.

Pet urine issues has always been a big complaint by consumers with carpet cleaners – the smell is still there and the stain or color loss is too. What consumers and many carpet cleaners don’t realize is that the carpet consist more of yarns and fibers on top. A little water, some suction with a little or a lot of deodorizer isn’t going to fix it.

Your 25 year carpet warranty goes out the window once urine hits it and for a very good reason. Many not too knowledgeable carpet cleaners will guarantee odor and urine removal because thier chemical jug says so. We know different which is why we treat urine issues as a repair and the repair is determined by the subfloor. We need to get to the source: carpet backings that hold your carpet together, the carpet pad which acts as a sponge for the urine, the tack strips if contamination is along the walls and the subfloor.

So, we are not your today’s typical carpet cleaning service. On top of that we have always specialized in Green, Organic. Non-Toxic carpet cleaning for our daily protection. This means you reap those benefits.

If you’ve been looking for a full service carpet service in La Mesa give us a shout.

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