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The number 1 complaint we hear from new customers about thier last carpet cleaner is that the spots came back.

We like to define what a spot is.

Spots are on the surface of the carpets and are easy to remove as long as it isn’t a dye, acidic or an oxidizer.

The above is a gator ad stain, yes, it’s synthetic dye and the customer treated it with various chemical cleaners. This stain had to be dyed because the customer set the stain. We would prefer you don’t treat it but wait for us. We have a dye removal process and it will work as long as you don’t chemically treat it.

Now, please remember this is also a spill. Whenever something is spilled it will travel into the carpet backing and into the pad and subfloor. We have to do a repair: subsurface flush and rinse to clean out the backing and the pad. If this is upstairs on a wood subfloor we can’t do this but have to pull back the carpet, replace effected pad, clean and seal subfloor, clean backing then lay carpet back and stretch it in. If this is not done then it will wick back.

So, the same goes for pet urine. Remember we are cleaning the carpet not the backing and pad, in fact those areas should never get wet while cleaning carpet properly.

Anything that gets left in the carpet that is acidic or has a high ph will damage the dyes and there is great probability they are just waiting to be extracted away once we flush it out.

The above picture is pet urine contamination. A cleaner came in, cleaned it and it all wicked back up. It will happen if not repaired. In this case the customer just wanted it cleaned again not repaired. We wouldn’t do a repair to it simply because it severe enough to be replaced and the pets are still doing it. In cases like this our optional Fast Dry Service must be used to dry the carpet ASAP otherwise the wicking process is expedited and attracted to the wet carpet.

Pet urine is a very nasty thing. It’s full of bacteria, the urine salts continue to give off odor when they are activate by any amount of moisture such as a cool cement subfloor on a hot summer day. This is also why carpet cleaners get complaints that the carpet smells worse after cleaning. When we come in we never guarantee odor removal, never. It’s impossible! If you believe everything you read and hear then try a not so smart carpet cleaner that guarantees it. Many inexperienced cleaners read product advertisement that claim to remove odors and pass that on to you. They are your best bet to get your cleaning money back! If they clean it and guarantee it then call them back on it as many times as it takes. This is how they learn the so little they know. You see, your carpet manufacturer voids your 25 year Warranty if it has urine in it. There are too many variables involved besides the carpet fibers: poly/latex backing, pad, subfloor, wood tack strips and baseboards. Yes, we have had great success at urine damage restoration but we have had bad ones that should have just been replaced at our recommendation but the client wanted to give it a shot. They have all been satisfied but, after we leave it is up to them to carry on the odor control plan that we leave them along with the product. Our priority goal is to remove the oily urine that continues to wick up and you track throughout the house. Now, if you think any of this is Green, it’s not!

I hope that explains the typical complaints I constantly hear of other cleaners. Perhaps the majority of cleaners don’t understand this and fail to discuss it with a client but we do. I think most carpet cleaners have no concept of carpet, carpet construction or carpet repair. That is unfortunate.

Give us a call, we have no problem telling you the truth or even turning away a job that would be a waste of your money.



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