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A good carpet cleaner knows all things carpet. I can’t tell you how many carpet cleaners that I know do not know what kind of carpet they clean. This is why those that I know call me when they have run into a problem or have a disaster.

Not all carpets are created equal. An example is wool carpet and how a carpet cleaner can ruin it with the wrong chemistry. There are certain carpet construction types that if loose will bubble and wave and look awful. I’ve been called by carpet cleaners to fix these on thier dime. Had they known what they were doing they would have documented it and informed client what may happen. There are older carpets still out there with jute backings that brown when left soaked.

We pre-inspect every carpet to ID carpet fiber type, backing type, urine, color loss areas, possible color loss during cleaning, proper install such as loose carpets, bad seam and bad transitions. Sure, there is consumer damage from pets or where the cable guy pulled up the carpet to run a cable.

A good carpet cleaning service will ID all issues before cleaning and be able to correct them all before or during cleaning.

Carpet Stretching is the most common need for most carpets due to a bad carpet install. Carpet power stretching is REQUIRED during an install, it is not an option. If it is not power stretched in it is not considered installed but considered DAMAGED GOODS. Any carpet cleaner that knows his trade should inspect for a correct install and if found loose be able to offer to correct it. If you don’t want it stretched then have you sign the work order after its documented and possible results explained to you before it’s cleaned. What we want is to catch this bad install before the 1 year carpet install warranty. If your carpet is installed wrong then your 25 year carpet warranty is void. So, your carpet cleaner really should know carpet and not just how to turn on the water, push the wand and collect that check!

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