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There is nothing worse than carpet bumps, wrinkles and buckling in your carpet that you paid good money for. As a carpet cleaner over 25 years there is nothing more frustrating than having to see an improper carpet install.

Loose carpet San Diego
Loose carpet due to improper install

When I come into your home to clean your carpets the first thing I do is inspect your carpet. I have to check for the proper stretch of your carpet, make sure the carpet is secured to tack strips especially at transitions to hard floors, check seams for proper seam sealing and fraying, color loss spots and potential color loss areas, loose stair steps and any manufacturer defects or carpet damage.

As a professional carpet cleaning service our job is to correct your carpet issues if you require it rather than just clean it. It wouldn’t be much of a service if all we could do is just clean over holes, rips, pet damage, color loss, burns or wrinkles. You have the option to have us correct your issues while we are in for a cleaning.

Loose carpet is blamed on many things but it’s 99% of the time an incorrect install. Lowest bidder install sub-contractors that win the bid to install your carpet will no doubt cut corners to make up to make a profit. They will forsake the absolute required power stretcher and just use a knee kicker. Without a power stretch your carpet is doomed for developing wrinkles and carpet backing breakdown. This is why we end up correcting your carpet before we clean it to do what your installer did not:

Carpet stretching San Diego

If your current carpet cleaner has not brought up the fact that your carpet is obviously loose or hasn’t offered to power stretch it then you need to switch carpet cleaners. When those bumps or wrinkles are left without stretching, they wear fast. Many times after a loose carpet has been left for years and we stretch it to flatten the wrinkle, it tends to leave a dark wear line.

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