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Carpet Patch Repair Boone, North Carolina

I recently had a person text me for a carpet patch repair, Boone North Carolina and wanted a price quote. They stated that it was just one burn and then after I quoted the price of $125 they came back with the following picture that said $125 for this little piece?...

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Carpet Install Repairs San Diego

If there is anything that chaps my hide it's greasy carpet installers that knowingly do not install your carpet. Worse is the retailer that you bought it from that knows very well that the subcontractors they hired cut every corner possible. This is why Miracle...

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Carpets or Hard Floors Which is Better?

Let me start by saying that I am a carpet cleaner. As a carpet cleaner I clean carpet, repair carpet, clean hard floors and repair some hard floors. If you ask me which is better Carpets or Hard Floors I will say Carpet. Don't get me wrong, there is more money in...

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