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Worst Carpet Cleaning in San Diego

If there is one single shakey, greasy, gimmickry industry today it has to be the Carpet Cleaning industry. The worst carpet cleaning is not only dirty, soaked, full of soapy residue but also one that you got ripped for on price. If there is one thing you can't blame...

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Carpet to Tile Repair San Diego

An often carpet repair that we see are carpet to tile repair or carpet to wood & vinyl repair. This is simply because a homeowner will replace carpet with another floor covering but the contractor did not finish the transition. This is very typical & we can...

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Carpet Is Coming Up Repair San Diego

My "Carpet is coming up" repair is one of my biggest requests. Most recently I answered a call where another carpet cleaner supposedly did the repair but the customer was not happy. To my surprise, the carpet cleaner glued the carpet down to the tack...

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Vacuum Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Vacuum Carpet Cleaning  Carpet is actually the best floor covering made for many reasons. The problem is that, Today, nobody wants to use the labor to clean it anymore. Just let it get dirty & then call the carpet cleaner. And then you complain because after it's...

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Bad Carpet Installers in San Diego

Much of my business is repairing and stretching carpet. I would use the term re-stretching carpet but a carpet would have had to been stretched in the 1st place. That is hardly done today, this is why we have bad carpet installers delivering to you damaged goods. It...

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Carpet Warranty Information San Diego

Carpet warranty is normally a 25 year warranty that is only designed to make you feel good. Some of the best greasiest lawyers have designed the warranty with exclusions in order that you can't make a claim. Your normal carpet guy is normally an industry drone. I am a...

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No Fragrance Carpet Cleaning San Diego

The True Green Way - No Fragrance Carpet Cleaning There are many that say they are Green carpet cleaners but when it comes down to chemistry (the ingredients) you will find the fakes. We are extremely open to our customers of what we use and show them the ingredients...

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