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Carpet & Tile Cleaning Johnson County TN

Carpet & tile cleaning Mountain City TN are a few services we offer but one of the most important since many have shifted to hard floors. It trended for awhile but I'm seeing many going back to carpet for a lot of issues. Unmatched Tile & Grout Cleaning Tile...

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Carpet Stretching & Repair Mountain City TN

You need the best carpet stretching & carpet repair in Mountain City TN, I can help. I'm retired Navy so I spent many years in San Diego a haven for the most incorrect carpet installs on the planet! I started my small carpet cleaning business while on active duty...

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Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Repair Butler, TN

Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Repair Butler, TN formerly was formerly a San Diego carpet care service. An owner operated service by Gary MacKay 21 year Navy veteran. Business was started in 1994 while still on active duty. During retirement of...

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Carpet Repair Trade, TN |  Carpet Stretching

Carpet Repair Trade, TN | Carpet Stretching

Got those pet damage areas? What about carpet burns? Then there are those wrinkles, bubbles or buckling in the carpet from a wrong install. We are carpet repair Trade, TN and the Mountain City & Butler area, let us help.We're not another subcontractor service that...

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Zero Residue Carpet Cleaner San Diego?

Zero Residue Carpet Cleaner San Diego?

What really is zero residue carpet cleaner? There is a lot of hype going around, a lot of paid advertisement concerning it. Any wise person knows that paid advertisements are designed to sell you by twisting the truth. Almost every carpet cleaner that comes into your...

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Worst Carpet Cleaning in San Diego

If there is one single shakey, greasy, gimmickry industry today it has to be the Carpet Cleaning industry. The worst carpet cleaning is not only dirty, soaked, full of soapy residue but also one that you got ripped for on price. If there is one thing you can't blame...

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Carpet to Tile Repair San Diego

An often carpet repair that we see are carpet to tile repair or carpet to wood & vinyl repair. This is simply because a homeowner will replace carpet with another floor covering but the contractor did not finish the transition. This is very typical & we can...

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