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Bleach spot

Bleach spot dye san diego

It isn’t the end of the world and you don’t have to replace your carpet. As a qualified carpet cleaning service we address miscellaneous damage on almost every job. Bleach stain carpet repair is what a professional carpet cleaning service should provide.

Now, finding a true professional service to provide all of that can be a task today. Bleach stain carpet repair is fairly basic for even a novice carpet cleaner.

Bleached Spots Happen Bleach spots san diego

Typically those of you that have a house cleaning service have this problem more than others.

Those chemical spray bottles that sit in a hand carry caddy are the worst. The spray bottles are usually pressurized enough due to weather and drip. When the bottles are pointed outward they drip as they are being carried throughout the home.

Another issue that is innocent is your house cleaner cleaning up that carpet spot with thier favorite chemical. The spot disappears, mission accomplished right? No!

What ever chemical or soap is used in your carpet must be removed not left behind. Carpet bleach spot dye repair The residue of that chemical will break down the dyes and slowly remove the color.

When your carpet cleaner comes to clean those spots become oh so obvious and bright. This is why true professional carpet cleaners come prepared for this but sadly most today are just squirt & suck carpet janitors that clean and run.

Carpet Care is Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Repair 

When you pay to get your carpets cleaned you should also be getting a complete carpet audit or carpet inspection. Every carpet cleaner is supposed to conduct this to I.D. any carpet discrepancies.

The audit is for you and the carpet cleaner. If there are discrepancies the carpet cleaner want to own that liability but point it out to you and record it for a possible claim.

If your carpet it out of warranty then your carpet cleaner can give you the option to correct it.

All carpet repair should be performed prior to cleaning. It’s best to test a carpet patch repair by cleaning to test for integrity.

Loose carpet buckles and wrinkles even more after a cleaning, so stretch carpet first. Wrinkles leave a crease after carpet stretching that can often be removed by high heat cleaning. Bleach spot dye is always done while cleaning.

Professional Carpet Cleaners

You don’t have to call a real professional you can call a carpet cleaning only guy. Only 10-15% of carpets we see for cleaning are perfect as in installed correctly or have no repair issues.

But as a carpet cleaner of 26 years I can tell you that I have pulled loose carpet off a section of wall or transition. What if I don’t know how or have the tools to correct that? What if I hit a pet pee spot and suck out the dyes leaving you a color loss spot? Or,  What if I hit a delaminated carpet seam:Carpet seam repair

Call us for all your carpet care needs. It doesn’t just have to be bleach stain carpet repair. Please view our transparent prices on our Specials page.

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