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There are so many carpet cleaning companies in San Diego and so many that pose as carpet cleaning companies. We have been San Diego’s non-residue carpet cleaning since 1994

What do I mean by those that pose as carpet cleaners – Subcontracting entities. There is a new wave of greed trying to dominate and herd in local contractors. Yes, they want us to pay & bid for jobs. They advertise everywhere trying to convince you that they are the type of company you seek. Google gives them 1st page priority so that you can’t find your best local carpet cleaner. The average Internet shopper won’t shop past the 1st page.

Here are just a few of those types that you should scutinize before calling them: Serviz, Thumtack, Porch, Houzz, Homeadvisor and Groupon.

Dealing with a credible legit local company once you’ve researched them is your best bet. The thing I absolutely hate is hearing from a victimized consumer of the raw deal they got. It puts me in the same catagorey of hack carpet cleaners and we just don’t want that stain on us!

Now, when you go with a carpet cleaner and are looking at there website you should see prices, if you don’t then that is your 1st sign. We do not want to get into your home and start talking price and even worse: raise the price that we discussed on the phone. Unlike the majority we list our prices:  without any tempting bait, our prices also list everything that is included. We don’t want to be the typical contractor that gets in and starts adding in all the extras.

Unlike most carpet cleaners, we inspect every job for carpet fiber type so that we use the proper chemistry, pressure and heat. We also inspect the carpet for proper install and damage. Now, as a professional carpet cleaning company in San Diego we can conduct all necessary repairs if your install warranty has expired. If you’re still in install periodicity we will help you with a claim.

When you call us you can be assured that we will not only provide you the best deep clean possible but can address any needed repair issues that you would like corrected.

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