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Finding the best green carpet cleaning San Diego is a challenge I know. Many sell on green and organic carpet cleaning but very few actually are.

I know how hard it is to find a great carpet cleaning service. I started my business as an active duty Navy Chief where competition was full throttle. I was saddened when I entered this industry as a part time gig.  The poir quality and the bait & switch drive is off the hook. Met many carpet cleaners and then realized I entered the wrong field but determined to challenge it anyway.

First thing was to evaluate the top 10 complaints consumers have regarding carpet cleaning. I spent a few years studying the industry in all those international 5 star hotels Uncle Sam put me up in. If you stay up late at night into the morning you get to see many methods of carpet cleaning. My biggest enlightenment was seeing a crew at Cairo International clean carpets with a mop, mop buckets and wet vacuum.

We’ve never been another cookie cutter carpet business where you just copy the next guy and copy their website. It’s true that carpet cleaners are not too brilliant which is why I starred the Quality Carpet Cleaners Network. It was a referal network to refer customers to a quality and honest cleaner, which, is hard to find here.

So, researching all the technical complaints, not the Late, No Show, Sticky Finger, Price Change, Bait & Switch and Rip Off complaints. I took the Soaked Carpets, Spots that came back, the Residue, Rapid Resoiling and Chemical complaints to work on.

To the typical carpet cleaner he or she doesnt think past “squirt & suck”. I had to know amount of squirt, amount of suck, where did it go, how deep, what was left in the carpet, what does the backing look like? Then clean it again and analyze the extracted water. Then the various carpet fibers, carpet backings, chemistry and effects on certain fibers. Sure, yeah, it’s boring but I had to create a challenge for myself to keep focused.

We are still owner operated, a 1 truck operation. Consistent quality is our goal. The typical multi truck operation and franchises have to operate on bait & switch just to get in. The employees are pushed to sell and traditionally it’s a 30% commission sell for the employee.

You wont’t find us trying to upsell you on anything. Unlike others we list our prices and all that you get for that:

Now unlike many carpet cleaning San Diego companies we also repair carpet. We don’t have to clean over pet damage, riots, burns, bleach spots or loose carpet.

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