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We are well known for being the most versatile carpet cleaners in San Diego. Not only do we specialize in organic safe non toxic cleaning but have the correct tool for each job which makes us the best carpet cleaners in San Diego

Prepared for any carpet repair

We also repair carpets so no longer do you have to have loose carpet or pet damage just cleaned over. We can fix it first. We’re also well known for providing up a Free minor carpet repair with our cleaning service.

Give us a call, we’re not the typical cleaner you’ve dealt with in the past. I’m a retired Navy veteran turned carpet cleaner, I won’t be pulling any of that bait & switch or trying to run you up for extra costs. Unlike the zero rez franchise folks we do not use alkaline water and leave that residue behind. We just use pure water to flush, rinse and extract all your dirt and our natural pre-conditioner away. Alkaline water is another term for CHEMICAL INJECTION. This is cleaning your carpet with a chemical. Not our style and we don’t need a million dollar ad campaign on the radio to deceive you with a sea story. I’ve been at this since 1994, we’re the only ones that include it all plus more at 1 price. We know it takes to get it clean and that is our only go not getting in and victimizing you with high pressure sales, itemized requirements that should be included, not even going to try to sell you Scotchguard ptotection.

True Green & Organic

You’ve heard the radio commercials, well, we won’t ise anything unsafe and claim you can drink it. We won’t use Lye and tell you it won’t leave a residue. Cleaning with water converted into sodium hydroxide (lye) creates a soap residue in your carpets. Think about how soap was made – lye & fats (oils). What is the main contaminates in your carpet or upholstery? Oils & grease, from foods, cooking, foot oils, body oils whether from us or our pets. Be not recieved by the alkaline water franchise. I will tell you that our zero soap non-residue non-toxic green pre-conditioner is flushed and rinsed away by 100% water. And like all things leaves a residue – a residue of water. The truth matters.

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