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Much of my business is repairing and stretching carpet. I would use the term re-stretching carpet but a carpet would have had to been stretched in the 1st place. That is hardly done today, this is why we have bad carpet installers delivering to you damaged goods. It is such a problem getting carpet installers to correctly install a carpet correctly by the book that they have created a system carpet that no longer has to be stretched in. It’s comical and it has yet to be judged as to weather it will hold up. I do know the bad flaws of this new system but that is not the subject today.

Bad carpet installers san diego

You just went out & bought carpet at a store that sells carpet. You spent a nice chunk of change too, got the good stuff. Heck, they had a deal too, get 1 room of carpet free and  free installation, man you did good. I even bet you thought that the one you bought that carpet from is going to install too. Wrong! They sent out “invitations to bid” and settled for the cheapest bidder to send out to install your carpet. Lucky for that sub-contractor you know diddly squat about correct and professional carpet installation IAW CRI 105. It’s short cut time and time to make up profit for winning the bid by being the cheapest.

Carpet power stretching

Bad carpet installers can’t afford to do it right iaw required standards. So, they won’t use the cumbersome power stretcher, takes too long. Sure, yeah, this will void your 25 year carpet warranty now on the spot, too bad you spent 8k on that carpet. Instead they will come in with an assist tool called a knee kicker that was not designed as a power stretcher. Knee kicker

They know that you don’t know that a knee kicker is not to be used as a carpet stretcher, so they do it anyway.Bad carpet installers san diego

It’s quick and easy, now they can make up for being the cheapest bidder. Best of all, the one you bought the carpet from saved some money and know exactly what’s going on. So now you end up with this:Results of no power stretching

You go back to the one you bought the carpet from and they tell you this: “oh, we’re so sorry but your installer only gives you a 1 year install warranty and since it was not installed correctly your 25 year warranty is void now. Nothing we can do, we’re sorry”. I guarantee you, those wrinkles, buckles or bumps, what ever you want to call the result of loose carpet, it starts to happen right after the 1 year install warranty expires. What a down right scam right?

Oh, but wait, there are more issues. Another short cut to do is not seam seal the cut carpet for seams. This too is a pain in the butt to run latex sealer along both cut ends and let it dry. Skip this most important required step and you get this:Bad carpet seams

It starts from day 1 just from vacuuming and foot traffic. Of course it should not happen if your installer did it right and seam sealed it.

What Can You Do To Avoid This Mess?

Do your research on whom you are going to purchase carpet from, look at their reviews, consumer affairs & BBB complaints. Forget Google reviews and look at a more secure review site like Yelp. Some of these guys have their own review sites, stay away from that.

Next, familiarize yourself with the required standard of CRI 105. This way, when you do purchase carpet, they will know that you will ensure that they will power stretch and seam seal.

Finally, get an I dependent inspection and notify to whom you are buying the carpet from and to the installer that you will have it inspected prior to their completion. I have no problem showing up during and install and letting the installers know that it was not installed to standard.

When & if the carpet fails the install inspection it is considered “damaged goods”. The one you purchased from must replace it, not fix it! You don’t just go around breaking seams, seam sealing and then re-seaming. It is required to be replaced. The one you bought from and sent out unqualified installers doesn’t want this to happen. This is why you need to know what must be done, relay that and the fact that you will have it inspected independently. If it were me, I would never pay for the carpet and install until it is completed and inspected.

But the likeliness of all of this happening is almost nill regardless of how much I try to educate my clients. This is why I do so many carpet stretching jobs. My number 1 company I can count on to install incorrectly and to argue their responsibility in a poor install is Empire Today. Lowes & then Home Depot are the next two that keep the carpet stretching going. Some of the big well known carpet distributors at least own up to the problems and my inspection reports have helped clients get new carpet and or repaired. Avoid cheap bad carpet installers from the too good to be true advertisements.

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