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When it comes to allergies Miracle Services knows what you need. What you don’t need is dry or low moisture carpet cleaning that has zero extraction and leaves you thier chemical cleaner residue and those contaminates that were bothering you in the first place. We know that residue from carpet cleaning can certainly effect your allergies which is why we are Anti Allergen carpet cleaning in San Diego.

Responsible Carpet Cleaning

Miracle Services best product is their Natural hypoallergenic cleaner that was designed for the most sensitive. It’s safe for us to use all day every day and so safe for you. This product is applied to your carpet to break down and suspend soil and contaminates. Some times we use the power of oxygen for the dirtiest situations combined with this safe product. This aids in sanitizing besides the germ killing heat that we clean with.

Anti allergen carpet cleaning San Diego

Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Powerful Truck Mount Power Extraction is Key

Besides the high heat water temperatures Miracle Services cleans with it is also the extraction capability that we have to flush, rinse and extract all the contamination and water away. Many times you can watch a foolish carpet cleaner just band out a room in 30 seconds or less. Carpet cleaners need to be smarter than the cleaning wand. You have a pre-conditioner you applied to the carpet and round run a wand very quickly over the carpet and you think its clean. It is not! A quick swipe just forced down the suspended soil along with the water you just shot through it. Everything is forced to the bottom but the tips look fine, for now. It will all wick back. You get left with dirty soaked carpets.

They use 2-3  times more water water to clean with than other San Diego carpet cleaners. They are designed to flush, rinse and extract away everything. This is no race, it isn’t banging it out, it’s about taking your time to ensure there is no residue left in the carpet. Unlike that residue franchise you hear about on the radio, we clean with just pure water to do our flush & rinse with not a chemical in our water or injected into our water. We put great emphasis on FLUSH & RINSE and that can’t happen if you run a chemical in your water to increase the ph or alkalinity with Lye. Well, you can if you spin it with constant advertisement. Cleaning with pure water doesn’t sell but it’s cleaner.

We have the power and responsibility

If you have any doubt just ask to take a look at the water extracted from your carpet to view all the nasty pollutants. Even though Miracle Services pre-vacuumes before they start you’ll be able to see those antagonizing contaminates that they flushed, rinsed & extracted from your carpet. For your Anti Allergen carpet cleaning give us a call.

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