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There are many of us who are allergy sufferers today. As one of you who suffer from allergies we are sensitive to the use of things that may impact your allergies and ours. This is why we specialize in allergy safe carpet cleaning San Diego.

Hypoallegenic anti-allergen service

We use a very unique and specialized Green product with our non-residue techique that beats any other hands down. Getting your carpets cleaned the organic way is best for allergy relief. We deeply flush and rinse your carpets free of soil and allergens without resorting to running chemicals through the cleaning water. Take that franchise company you hear about on the radio that claims not to leave a residue, they run sodium hydroxide in the water they claim is powered. Hmmmmm….. which residue would you like: sodium hydroxide (lye) or just a soft water residue?

Many carpet cleaners run chemicals through thier cleaning water and tell you its Green. We don’t roll that way.

Leaving your carpets truly deep cleaned is our method. At no time, zero time will we ever use Lye or Procyon and try to pursuade you that is green, safe or organic carpet cleaning. What we will do is show you what we use and encourage you to google the ingredients. Just common ingredients that you will find in our foods.

We are San Diego’s safest true green carpet cleaning service. If you have chemical sensitivity, just want to avoid chemicals and carcinogens, going through nexting syndrome, have young toddlers or pets that have sensitivities then we should talk. I know you’ve heard the green clean thing so many times before and found it not to be true but like I said we will actually show you and encourage you to look up our ingredients. If you call me and ask what I use Im not telling you. We have the real thing and carpet cleaners wives posing as a consumer have called me trying to get it out of me.

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