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Your carpet is one of the biggest air filters in your home. With an electrostatic charge it attracts airborne particulates and holds it until you vacuum the carpet. It is the greatest benefit of carpet. Those with hard floors have much more respiratory issues since dust pollution is extreme. The problem with carpet is that once the greasy soil gets too thick it starts lose some of that electrostatic charge. It’s time to get those carpet flushed and rinsed of all that soil and pollutants. Get allergy relief carpet cleaning San Diego – Miracle Services to remove the pollen and irritants that have built up in your carpet.

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Since Miracle Services was established in 1994 they have provided San Diego consumers with the safest carpet cleaning available. Many carpet cleaners say they are alternative Green carpet cleaners in San Diego but just because it sounds good as another “key word” to use for sales. The truth is that standard carpet cleaners are toxic if not extremely hazardous. When a carpet cleaner is faced with a dirty nasty carpet he or she will take the path of least resistance and use the typical popular cleaner. The chemical industry got on board and makes and sells Green carpet cleaners, but are they? The key word sells and the ordinary cleaner buys it uses it but never verifies it. I trust know one and I must see every ingredient and research them all before I will use it. Just because there is a small percentage of something natural does not make it Green, Organic or Natural. The most popular o called natural safe no soap carpet cleaner contains phosphates and phosphoric acid. It’s so good it deteriorates metal and removes wood finish???? Sorry Green carpet cleaners, you’re just sheep that believe everything you read on the back of a chemical jug.

Customer Service/Protection

It’s nice to claim you put your customer first because it sells. Truth is we do this several times a day 5-6 days a week. Our exposure is a hundred times that you are for a typical cleaning. Making our protection 1st & foremost means we are totally protecting our customers which is extremely different than the way our competitors operate. We strongly believe in providing our customers with the truest, highest standards available. Our unique products, cleaning systems and operation are of 24 years of continuous efforts for perfection.Protection

Beware of Dry Carpet Cleaning

We know from our years of experience that so many of us have certain sensitivities and concerns. By using a true natural human safe product we can meet your requirements. The no soap, no residue product that we use is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, non-toxic and perfect for all fabric and carpet fibers including wool.Cleaning But what happens if you are a low budget Dry Carpet cleaner that claims to be green, won’t leave a residue and won’t bother your allergies? Think about it. The dry cleaner applies thier chemical and then brushes it in or buffed it in with a floor buffer. Without water flushing and rinsing and zero vacuum extraction then all your dirt, allergy causing contaminates and their soap and chemicals are left behind. Trust me, you dont need that.

If you would like to hire an allergy relief carpet cleaning San Diego company that specializes in cleaning your carpets the eco friendly, safe healthy way, then give us a call.

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