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  1. Non-Allergenic, Non-Toxic, Allergy Free Carpet Cleaning San Diego

When choosing an allergy free green carpet cleaning in San Diego for allergy relief it’s all about the cleaning product they use, a truck mounted system and not a portable machine or a floor buffer. Today many people have sensitivities and this is where we excell from the rest. Our non-allergenic product which is natural is perfect for those who suffer  from chemical exposure.

A truck mount carpet cleaning system means you will get all the dirt, pollen, dust mites and contaminates extracted out to the truck. Portable machines exhaust mold spores from the electric motors and waste tank that stay damp with soil and bacteria which grow mold spores. These contaminates get exhausted into your home which makes your carpet cleaning service not so clean!

Dry Carpet cleaners come in with a floor buffer and rearrange all your dirt and never flush, rinse or extract your problems. Now you have worse issues!

We are San Diego’s best carpet cleaning service company for a very good reason. We’re a green carpet cleaning service that uses eco-friendly and environnentally safe products but I don’t like those terms because they don’t go far enough! Too many so called labeled green, natural or organic products are not human safe but just safe for the planet. We dont shop by labels, advertisement or nice pictures. We shop by research. Since 1994 we have always bought and used products by thier ingredients and MSDS sheets to ensure our safety. Too many carpet cleaning companies are very deceptive and claim to use green safe products just because the chemical jug and advertisement say it is. They dont care what the ingredients are nor the percentage of green. Love those natural pesticides with 3% clove oil and the rest poisons.Diego

Safe Healthy No Allergy Carpet Cleaning

How can we be sure that our cleaning products are Human Safe and true Green? It’s simple- we research every ingredient and we ask you to do the same once in your home. Many so called green and eco-friendly carpet cleaning products are available to carpet cleaners at carpet cleaning supply stores in San Diego. The most popular is a product that contains phosphorous and phosphoric acid. Please spare me the Green and Natural B.S. It may be green and natural to the manufacturer and the label says so, even carries a green seal but anyone and everyone makes their own green seals.

Miracle Services is a better way to clean

Our unique organic cleaning approach to carpet cleaning isn’t just eco-friendly – it’s moisture control. Others sell on quick and fast. What carpet cleaners do not understand us the flush, rinse and extraction dynamics. If you watch a typical carpet cleaning person the does the quick swipes ask yourself what does that do? It blasts dirt & soap deeper into the carpet with very little extraction with that all too quick swipe. No, we don’t use soaps for one and 2nd we are modified for high water flow instead of a high pressure blast which loses control of the water and soil. Add the soap and it explodes into thousands of tiny little suds that will be hard to remove and leave a residue.either. It’s also incredibly fast, leaving your carpets completely clean in as little as one hour. By avoiding any harsh chemicals, there’s no residue left behind.

Our organic non-residue process

No soap  free of residue carpet cleaning means very little risk of soil and dust sticking to your carpet fibers. This is what the true professional carpet cleaner strives for. We rinse your carpets with pure unadulterated water. Traditional cleaners run another soap or inject it in thier water. The franchise you hear about on the radio that claims they dont leave a residue cleans with Sodium Hydroxide in thier water. What residue does that leave?

For 25 years now, we’ve provided San Diego customers with Family safe carpet cleaning. We started when organic wasn’t cool tired of coming home coughing from traditional chemical carpet cleaning. Now as old school carpet cleaners we still repair carpet. Almost every carpet we service has issues whether major or minor carpet repairs. Today its rare to find a carpet cleaner that can fix a loose carpet they pulled off the tack strip. What about those color loss spots where the color comes out because you used Resolve or Oxy Clean? Yup, they just leave it.Carpet bleach spot repair

When having a carpet cleaner in today make sure they can repair or at least correct issues they make worse. We are a full carpet care service and offer carpet stretching, seam repair, carpet patching, pet urine contamination restoration  and color correction.

Give us a shout when full service carpet cleaning quality matters. We are San Diego’s true non-toxic carpet cleaners defining the word “clean”

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