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There is a lot of hype about the use of Alkaline water carpet cleaning as one carpet cleaning Franchise tried to make it another gimmick fad. We are Alkaline Carpet Cleaning with just sanitizing steamy hot water 100% Green. We are not that radio franchise you hear about that claim they don’t leave residue behind. We don’t do gimmicks or bait & switch. Our technique is very simple, very green, very safe, zero VOC’s, non-toxic, phosphate free and free rinsing. This is why our product advertises that it is residue-free.

Our technique is easy, we apply our green alkaline product to your carpet, then truck-mount steam clean your dirt away with just pure water. We don’t run another alkaline cleaner, an acid or phosphate chemical through our cleaning water that is meant to flush and rinse all your troubles away. Traditional franchise companies have to do this since it cleans faster but leaves you with the residues that they claim they don’t from that chemical that is in their cleaning water.

Now, our product is self neutralizing bringing the ph back to a 7 if we ran it through our cleaning water like traditional franchise and big truck carpet cleaning companies. This won’t do damage but it will leave a residue and you can’t honestly claim that even though they do. Our technique is a true Green and free of residue process that we have used since 1994 and some have copied from us.

The carpet cleaning industry has always been about chemicals and the education and certification process has been chemical friendly in order to sell chemicals. We do not believe that health altering chemicals are necessary which is one of the reasons we do not run chemicals, soaps or acids through our cleaning water. You will also find that we do not sell Scothgard or Carpet Protectant that we consider useless and very carcenogenic even though it’s a carpet cleaners biggest add on sell.

All carpet cleaning pre-conditioners and soaps are “alkaline” products, don’t be mislead on the buzz word. I’m not stupid and won’t drink it just to prove a point even though ours is recognized by the FDA as food grade.

Other misleading buzz words are”Green”, “Organic” and “Natural”. Many carpet cleaners claim this but do not show you the product or ingredients for you to google. That traditional franchise company that is not so honest won’t show you all the ingredients and products they use. Many have Phosphate products that are claimed natural and another claims Green but transform water into sodium hydroxide/lye. So it’s really up to you to do your own research and stop trusting radio commercials and advertisements.

You don’t have to be a Greenie to use us, we do it to protect ourselves from unnecessary chemical exposure. I feel if we go out that far for ourselves then our clients and customers are extremely safe.

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