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When I started my carpet cleaning business in 1994 I implemented my signature Fast Dry Service based on accelerated drying carpet cleaning.

Accelerated drying carpet cleaning
Cleaning & Drying is our Operational Standard

There was no concern for how long carpets took to dry back then except for consumer complaints. We still had carpets with jute backing floating around and so my personal goal was to speed dry all carpets I cleaned. Sure, bringing in the fans was extra work most carpet cleaners wanted no part of. My process was tactical drying from the start. The fans went on as soon as I started and continually followed me around instead of sitting idle.

Today unfortunately there are inferior made carpets. Carpet backing is crucial to carpet integrity since the primary and secondary backing is what holds your carpet together. Carpet backing used to be mostly latex after we shifted from jute backing. Sadly, many carpets now just have clay backing which is susceptible to moisture, cracking & disintegrating as you walk on them. Makes absolutely no sense but the carpet manufacturers know you know nothing about this. Every carpet cleaner should inspect a carpet backing before they clean it so as to not ruin it.

Clay carpet backing
Carpet Edges Delaminating Already
Latex carpet backing
Nice Strong Latex Backing – Integrity not Junk

When carpet yarns get wet the wicking action takes place as the moisture evaporates. The carpet backing and padding will contain every spill or pet urine accident, I guarantee that these will wick back to the surface if left wet. Then you have dirty carpet again.

Improper tools and wanding add to the wicking of contamination. Many cheaper tools blast water straight down into the carpet at high velocity. This blasting effect blows the contamination and the cleaners straight into the backing and much of it can not get fully extracted and gets left behind. Worse is that most carpet cleaners, especially the big truck operations and franchises are just one quick blast & suck cleaners. We use patented and modified tools that do not blast, use more water to flush and rinse, yet never get the carpet backing wet.

Soil wicking to surface
Our Miracle Procedure does not Blast Soil into the Backing or get it Wet

Our system is all based on moisture control by actually thoroughly flush cleaning the carpet fibers and extracting most of the water. Setting up our Speed during system to follow us ensures to snuff out any wicking of possible contaminates. Our No Blast procedure ensures the dirty water & cleaner that others leave behind will not wick to the yarn tips.

Our Unique Patented System Ensures any Backing Contamination Does not Wick to the Carpet Yarns


We have perfected the art of true clean. Combined with our Green pre-conditioning, our fresh water only flush (no chemicals or soaps) and rinse and our accelerated drying service, you too can have the cleanest carpets in San Diego. We do offer our Fast Dry carpet service at an extra charge but our accelerated dry is very adequate in the summer.

Even in the summer our accelerated drying is combined with carpet cleaning. Like I said, in order for the end product to be clean carpet, all possible wicking must be prevented. Do not use a carpet cleaner that will not bring in several fans. Back in the day this was taught to all carpet cleaners but not any more. The typical reply carpet cleaners make after asked “how long till it’s dry” is 2 hours which always means 24-72 hours.

We also provide commercial carpet cleaning in San Diego. We use a host of various methods for cleaning depending on the type of carpet and the required dry times.

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