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Carpet Burn Repair San Diego |Carpet Repair – Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Burn Repair San Diego Carpet burns happen! It is very typical and something that is easily repaired. The burn just needs to be cut out and a perfect fitting patch installed. Miracle Services is carpet burn repair San Diego since 1994. They are veteran owned and...

San Diego Green Safe Organic Carpet Cleaning – Free Carpet Audit

San Diego Green Safe Organic Carpet Cleaning – Free Carpet Audit Miracle Services Green Carpet Cleaning is well known for their true human and environmentally safe carpet cleaning. Committed to higher standards protecting clients from false green cleaning. We...

Carpet Crease Removal | Carpet Cleaning and Repair San Diego

Carpet creases,  carpet wrinkles or carpet buckling are all caused by one thing – loose carpet. As a  true professional carpet cleaning service we can provide carpet crease removal, carpet cleaning and repair. A qualified carpet cleaner would inspect for a loose...

Loose Carpet Wrinkle Repair San Diego

After a carpet installer lays in a carpet over the carpet padding, it is a required standard to power stretch the carpet onto the tack strips. It is not an option and power stretching is not accomplished with the assist tool called – the knee kicker. If the new...

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