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Allergy Safe Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Allergy Relief Carpet Cleaning 619.990.3541   There are many of us who are allergy sufferers today. As one of you who suffer from allergies we are sensitive to the use of things that may impact your allergies and ours. This is why we specialize in allergy safe...

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning for Water Conservation San Diego

Water Restrictions California Miracle Services Inc  When you’re in a drought and under restriction how do you get your carpets cleaned? Well, as a 25 year old professional multi method carpet cleaning company we know. It’s low moisture carpet cleaning for...

Water Saving Carpet Cleaning Service in San Diego

California Drought We all know living here comes with drought seasons and now water restrictions are coming. Most of us wonder why we don’t have a water management department that would have figured it out decades ago. You’d think we’d have plants on...

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