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Carpet Cleaning Method For The Healthy Home

There are several methods of carpet cleaning available from several hundreds of carpet cleaning companies in San Diego County. There are the most inexpensive cleaning methods on the carpet cleaning company – low overhead or the most expensive cleaning method on...

Types of Carpeting

On this page we will talk about the different materials that carpets are commonly made from and the benefits and negatives of each type. Olefin (Polypropylene) Olefin carpet is generally a lower cost carpet. It has many positive traits however. One is that it absorbs...

Green Natural Carpet Cleaning San Diego Free of Residue

Worried about the effect of hundreds of chemicals we come in contact with each day? Try Green Natural Carpet Cleaning San Diego! Your sanctuary should be the one place where you should be protected. A place with quality indoor air, no VOC’s, no off gassing, no...

The Green Carpet Cleaning Sensation

The Green Carpet Cleaning Sensation sells! People are generally gullible and believe whatever media instructs them.  You’ve heard the constant commercials on the radio that drive you regarding carpet cleaning residue but do you know or have researched what they...

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